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On the Upper East River to Queenstown Whitestone and Throgs neck stays so slow then you're off the bridge south and a white stone Clearview across silent all some kind of messy and everybody ran for the queen's battle or escape and guess what that's a mess now too and the Grand Central parkway either way to LaGuardia get used to this it is an absolute mess as you go for the exits towards the airport and of the terminals in downside of George's find nothing great getting out to the west side the least bad of what's around Lincoln thirty and twenty out hauling about twenty in from the sky we better from the turnpike help in Holland right now no more than twenty minutes one train delays as they hold it stations because of a report of smoke over near thirty fourth street traffic is sponsored by your local Honda dealers I'm Greg rice with the supply house dot com fan highway patrol so Josh Gordon suspended due Norris Jenkins claimed by somebody we just don't know who and Taylor hall traded by the devils to the Arizona coyotes lot happening over the last ten it's been claimed by teammates that's in the mix right now that's going to be probably be in a playoff so I don't think you're paying the the pro rated amount for for two games that may not mean anything because he's not that appealing to extract his of the cap the cap it is about fourteen million and if you call them you save about eleven and a half is a three million dollar debt number that's at least the situation the giants for an obviously I'm assuming you claim it's the exact same situation so yeah it's it's definitely more appealing to a team that says a generous Jenkins could help us get to the playoffs win a Superbowl so that's why he's gonna end up in a decent situation you would think no doubt you would think about your call eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six Nick is in Newark connect make our you what's going on I was just I I I'm with you guys talk about you know it's actually just got an update on my phone here claim by the saints does not the plane tonight there it is Tom Hey I don't know I don't know late at night but I'm sure I'll be playing next week or whatever okay has the answer the saints claimed in our check ins it will be deferred until tomorrow because they play tonight saying Tom palace Errol NFL network cat it's Jake if if that was the example we use with is he better than anyone yeah say yeah there you go yeah they've got one W. Superbowl is you know yeah for sure definitely before I brought up my point I just want to say every do you think there's any chance the Mets actually bring back the black uniforms this year I saw keep talking about it on Twitter saying they might just play Friday night games in the black uniforms but I know well I know that markets Stroman actually tweeted about a couple of weeks or a month ago how cool they were how you like them growing up I don't hate him I just I'm more of a give me the traditional pinstripes at home again even the blue jerseys they've worn recently I just I like to tradition that's what I like yeah and the black jerseys remind me of a good time because I enjoy the late nineties teams don't get me wrong I think of all funds I think it beyond certain so you want to do once in awhile fine but the one thing about the NBA and I love the end god bless you can fill in the blank I mean you watch somebody Gaelic first of all that I I I hate the fact that they they don't wear white at home all the time anyone up all that's gone I don't know I don't is yeah and and and I can't stand it and then I got an eight zillion uniforms if you watch some highlights he's team you have no idea who's okay I'm watching your right when we were in for when you guys with that he six of pelican game yeah yeah I stayed all tell it when we had to get up early all that stuff and I want to see the top hundred thing and all that and I watch the.

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