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Just catching our breath here but this is the news is just shocking this morning the death of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant he died in a helicopter crash in the Calabasas area bride was traveling with other people all of we were told there five people at all the global or dead but one reports as three other people were on board that aircraft with him will have that'll sorted out and this was Colby's personal helicopter it burst into flames and apparently in the one survived but we have been told that price what the NASA was not on board a couple have the four daughters we are continuing our coverage on this lebron James reacted briefly to this said it doesn't make any sense at all but he said the universe just puts things in your life and indeed it certainly does we heard from Christine Brennan well great sports so writer for many many years on the national level talking about the legacy of Kobe Bryant and of course our own sports casters sports director Redeker dune and Chris Madsen talking about not just the impact of Kobe here in the Los Angeles area in for a Laker nation but also of around the world he was well he was magic and in Chicago not Magic Johnson but magic Colby and and then China elections a device a Chicago I think I'm a little nervous in China and the in all over the world people just still revered Kobe Bryant and what he brought if the work ethic that he brought to the work that he did in that followed him after his career as well you know that he he won an Oscar well for a of a of a film that he did and he was embarking on on on on a huge show business career as well Kobe Bryant dead at the age of forty one and a helicopter crash in the Calabasas area and once again just to run it down the in terms of his history he joined the Lakers right out of high school at the age of eighteen youngest player ever in the NBA at that time and then he just stuck around there were there were times when Kobe threatened to leave the Lakers but he never did he stayed with them he stays loyal they stayed loyal to him at all he spent twenty years as a Los Angeles Laker and during those twenty years he was an all star a remarkable eighteen times and and during those two twenty years he won five NBA titles three of them with Richard kilo Neil as his partner at center and then two of them with a great Pulga sol as his partner and of course there were some other very very wonderful players all those great Laker teams that won all those championships but Kobe was the leader Kobe was the man especially in his later years in those last two championships that really kind of set the tone for the Lakers and bring it brought them you know into well into that that kind of area of the NBA that is almost mystical that only the Lakers share with the Boston Celtics really and and and that's that's it those are the two franchises that have won the most championships over the years those are the two franchises over the years that you do expect are going to be competitive and perhaps even to have a shot at reaching the NBA finals so in any given year and now of the US the big superstar of one of those great franchises for twenty years Kobe Bryant has been taken for from us in this helicopter crash again this apparently was Colby's own personal helicopter that crashed along with four other people Kobe Bryant reported dead at the age of forty one in this helicopter crash we do have continuing in depth team coverage for you right now let's take a quick break to check on traffic and weather around southern California at twenty five and let's see here this report is brought to you by stater brothers years medical checkup three settlers to report similar continues in Calabasas both sides of loss virgin shut down from agora hills to lost tales for an unknown duration this is due to the helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant that went down fire crews on the scene and the coroner's investigation going on also expect an NTSB investigation similar in Palmdale fourteen south Avenue S. hauling stop driver diverted off the freeway at Avenue as we also have a secular in cable canyon a Lopez canyon road both sides shut down all due to a tree that fell on top of the.

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