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And build professionals and settle okay so you have a client a new might call me and say hey cindy i have clyde that wants to build a house this is their budget this is where it's him at a builder at life free to meet them and that's where you start to play might be there to supervise the play date l k and then i have you as my babysitter bit maybe it depends they're going to be paying for me so riot whether i stick around and help that went after the act as their advocate through being hot is up to his my opinion on this from i think that's a great concept i'm gonna tell you why when architects porsche certain builders i've always question is for thirty years who's inwho's pocket okay and i'd like to think like that but the truth is but it architects work with certain builders okay and builders get business from certain architects why they pushing the sky in enough that guy if you come in you have no lions to the builder you have no alliance to the homeowner and i feel that's a real alliance to the are well but not to the builder but yarka to allocate but really to the by okay it's let me take that back your responsibility is to make sure you put your client in good hands but this is what we call no fm ide going on figure me in from the builder figure me and from the architect you're doing this solely on a fee feebased or hourly and you're trying to put together the best team you can and i'm trying to give you a compliment saying that's a great way to do business because the architect won't talk the homeowner into going with this builder when may be that built that owners should be with this builder correct and then there's no one that everybody's playing in the sea and feeling mmhmm and in my business you have to have eyes all around your head because you don't know who's playing with ho hum so i'll give you a.

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