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I think and i feel i think brian's on track but i feel like a little bit of a twist in the movie because i think it concentrates more on colonel parker which has to be a very interesting story a group you will see cavalcade to starting to see what at the franklin movie and the of course rocket man. This is every every musician you're familiar. There will be a billy joel. Movie called pam. But you know what. I was getting that moments ago is that you are suggesting that. They are outshining. Outweigh more theater. No no more cape movies superhero movies. You're saying i'm seeing fade out in a here at mark my words There's going to be musical musicals gonna take over the world in the musicals per se in the next five years. This i think the the dominant strain of of tentpole movie Lords bold prediction. Ball's prediction austin butlers. We'll be playing elvis. It should be said here. Isn't who is austin butler. He he he looks. The party can pull it off. I'm sure but who. Who is this person. He's an actor named austin. Think he's been in much tex watson in once upon a time in holly yes. it was. Care is the biggest credit to this point. The best is the best tax that was that was a fun on the devil. Knows ause dumber than somebody sent me the book once upon a time so now i have to pretend somebody else's voice other than tarintino reading it. 'cause i hear the author's voice in my head when i read out loud in my head you got so i gotta ben shapiro tweets. You hear him reading no then. He became humorous ryan. Read it to you. He did it on you know. Thank you bestselling audiobook. Florence liked. Thank you now. The most exciting part about the elvis movie trailers leading up to it until the inevitable disappointment but for those a couple of months. I will be really excited. This is just for brian. I apologize but check this. Sweet picture of austin butler than i just looked up on. Imdb axl rose. That's that's the kind of hair. I had back Twenty s threesome andy. sweet threes. To look at it and you can see texan there. He's still taxed but he's got the long blonde shoulder-length length hair bone look at texts. A handsome fellow look at texts. What's your what's your agreeing for me. Reprimand or san. What's your what's your next movie. The next one.

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