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But. He's a disgrace humanitarian. Sorry, disgraced, human he a humanitarian. He's a disgrace human. He does not deserve the right to privacy or that type of respect, but naira like this is such a tragedy and she was just like. She was just a mom. You know like I- incredibly I never cease to be let down and disappointed by the lanes that the media will go. Yeah, that's that sick once again i. I, didn't know major publications like are imposing photos like that, but the fact that there's even people taking them. That means that there's someone there's a demand for it, yeah! It's someone asks for it. Exactly. It's so upsetting so wrong and It didn't say who, but a bunch of the glee cast members got together like on a docked by like Lake Piero and I, guess just like held moment of silence, which was really sweet i. mean there's a lot going on in the glee. Phantom especially pertains to leave Michelle because she deleted her twitter. She deleted her twitter I read online. That was because people were bullying her on twitter I mean bullying her on twitter. About what's going on with night because there have been rumors for years that her, Nyah did not get along on the set of weekly, especially towards the end, the Nyarota book, which actually I would be really interested to read apparently was really juicy, and it had some stuff about Michelle so I'd be curious. To hear what it said, but Lee Michelle is just like not having good month. Yeah, no, she's not, but she's pregnant so right. That's exciting for her. Causing too much stress. That's not good I. Actually was looking at her instagram and she success pregnant so pregnant. Yeah, so. I. Guess It's a happy time for her. Regardless I guess yeah. anyways, another very very sad story twenty-four-year-old Youtube Star Nicole. thea dies along with her unborn child. WHAT THE FUCK! The london-based influencers family confirmed the news on Sunday in an Instagram Post, stating that has unborn son had also died quo to all Nicole's friends and supporters. It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Nicole and her son. She and Bogan named rain, sadly passed away on Saturday morning. The statement read the message the. The message explained that the had prescheduled a few youtube videos to upload on her channel before her death and her boyfriend Boga had made the decision to allow them to be aired. The family asks for privacy, saying our hearts are truly broken, and we are struggling to cope with what has happened. The cause of death is not yet known. The former dancer was around eight months pregnant. Oh my God what like when I heard this story I'm like. What what could happen this year? That would surprise me like this is so tragic so insane to be so young and to die so young and then I. Was So young and pregnant AIDS pregnant. That's just awful. Awful terrible stories right just gives you a painting your stomach. Yeah, I just. I can't even imagine this is one of those stories. There's just there's really nothing to say. It's absolutely horrible so tragic and really just thinking and praying for her family I mean two losses in one. It's just it's horrible. Yeah, that's really terrible. You're not getting pulled over. There's some drama behind us, please. Just getting pulled over yeah!.

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