Mr Mayweather, Chuck Cannella, Connecticut discussed on Nacion ESPN - NACION: Yasiel Puig : 5/8/17


What's going on here there was more punches probably thrown at them or people on the free we're trying to get back for sunday's saying about the weight stuff like you did talk about it before when you gave your prediction that have anything to do with it he knew what he signed for me need he signed up for the twotimes he's weighed cost one hundred sixty pounds in the last five years he's look horrible against might yeah and now this tara the sad part for him is people are going to buy another elite level fight for who does is a challenge for sure three tacos islets mansell naval next what are we got better fight can it'll triple g or mayweather mcgregor come on man said a better i mean at this point let's deadwood bernie bernie let's just to better fight be careful with this one hello triple g or mr mayweather and mcgregor when you talk about a fight this is going to fight we thought there was no such thing as a can't miss fight now we know that there is such a thing because you can arise when the one of the fighters doesn't engage liquid is this on his junior this is going to be way different this is a fight that real boxing fans have been waiting for forever because this is a test of two fighters who've got great punching power was got great skills who have questions about them and both of them we'll have those answered chuck cannella in terms of the elite level of competition and connecticut love in in terms of the same thing so this is the guys biggest test to date so i'm gonna go with jay saying that he fights mexicanstyle he does this is going to be mexican how also was that lead up to that particular mcmahon have because it made you forget about the child his junior reacted it was terrible all we're gonna talk about who had isn't coming over here would you got your fly i'm a copy and i'm going what watch on friday night flights i knew.

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