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Uh they organized it through hacker one and uh called big project soap brisk challenge and overrun hacker when they announced that the microsoft research projects so precise team invites the security research community to test our most recent experiment this soap brisk security kit by applying to the project so brisk challenge and then there's there's a link in this announcement and they wrote though a primary goal of the challenge in thin caps is too broadly engage with the security community towards sharing and learning how one hundred and fifty security experts have been selected to receive and test a so priests security kit through the challenge the application period closed at midnight on april fourteen pacific daylight time applicants have been notified if they are accepted to participate in the challenge by email by april 21st devices were then distributed by early may with the challenge ending on july 12th it's free to participate and there are no fees for the hardware so then i thought oca this interesting outside doug logan deeper and so microsoft then microsoft security boasts on there so paris page project so press security challenge thanks to all the skilled hackers who participated exclamation point over a hundred and fifty hackers pounding on their project so perouse boards for sixty days microsoft research so press challenge com completes as a great learning experience with no verified exploits stay tuned for updates from the project so brisk team as we continue to work with a security community to explore devices secured from the silicon up and so a big it'll kill that sounds good so they released something they you know gave everybody this information the kitson things and then said find some problems well then i found a quote from one of the it was wired's coverage one of the hackers who participated hoofs who goes by the handle heck's decimal and said it's stupidly easy to hack most iot devices but this was very different the chip was definitely built for security from the ground up one of the worthy things would be.

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