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In the west and tonight heavy rain is going across the country this flash flooding is in southern utah abc senior meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all tonight he's in central park rob good evening get any tom flash flooding is affecting some burn scar areas from fires that we're going on earlier this year let's check it out the monsoon has been intense the past couple of days and flash flood watches and warnings now flagstaff the interstates in route sixty six as well getting some flooding on the roadways there and just to the west of colorado springs we've got some intense showers happy in the heat is pretty hot as well ninety four degrees tomorrow expected in portland well into the nineties there today and these are areas including seattle that don't have air conditioning heat and humidity again tomorrow cross the southeast and it's creeping up the i ninety five quarter ninety five expected in new york heat advisories they're up through albany syracuse and buffalo as well right through tuesday tom all right rob will say tracking that rain out west thank you we turn out to that ten seen in chicago tonight after a police involved shooting death on the city south side protesters took to the streets demanding to see the officers body cam video and a short time ago the chicago police department made the unusual move for their department of releasing that video to the public with thin hours abc's zachary quiche with the images that are difficult to watch tonight after mounting public pressure chicago police releasing bodycam video capturing the fatal encounter with a man outside of a convenience store police seen approaching thirtysevenyearold hair with at gustis who's backing away into a patrol car he shirt coming up revealing what police say is a semiautomatic weapon near as waste officers opened fire after he appears to put his hand near the gun but these things happen a split second and officers have to make decisions quickly when you see the video you know you you take a look at it and you you come to your own conclusions i'm sure the video released following clashes with police and protesters this weekend at least four injured in several more arrested as demonstrators scuffled with officers in jumped on patrol cars on the south side of chicago we're not going anywhere today on the stand that just got to stop five down whether recovers chess five place say along with a gun they also recovered ammunition magazines in augusta's possession in with more protests expected tonight.

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