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Well, I don't know if we could be surprised. In fact, Was there any doubt That movie. Betts was going to be a Dodger for the rest of his career. And maybe saying the rest of his career is a little bit strong. At this point, Mookie Betts is still very much a young man. He's 27 years old. But he will be a If he plays out his entire deal, just like what we did with Patrick Mahomes. If he plays out his entire deal, he will be 40 When he's back on the market. 13 years, $392 million that Mookie Betts has received. From the L. A Dodgers. He will be You know the Rockies The Rockies just finally got Matt Kemp. He just finally got Matt camp and now the next Matt camp. Is is Signing up long term with the Dodgers. And what I mean by Matt can't Mookie Betts might be better than Matt Camp. When all is said and done. You might be better than in Now, I mean, Dodger fans feel free to weigh in here. But what I mean by that is Iraqis finally got one of the Rockies killers. Away from the Dodgers and onto their team, and now here's the next one. In addition to Max Muncy and Cody Bellenger Like I don't know if there's any conversation right now, with division realignment. But as an aside this has nothing to do with Mookie Betts Signing. This is just what pop pop into my head. I I think we need Thio. Consider Some division realignment in baseball. You know, and I'm just spitballing here. So allow me to maybe we move. Um I don't know. Like move. Maybe the Rockies Two. Ah!.

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