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That shows up in your feed right. I don't i know. Google focus on the three but i like comedy like a perfectionist which i probably am perfection. I wanna see all of again i want. I wanna see green. It should be green the largest content paint overall. You wanna see it loading seconds and you. Everyone will deceive us in say. Oh yeah. i'm getting. You know nineties on desktop but actual very easily and your mobile and frankly plugging zig. They're using are are not really doing much. You're gone for fifteen now thirty while you need to be like eighty ninety plus you not even on the door of tiebreaker situation. So here's the thing that i found when we improved rim proved a website twenty five point six seven percent their time on page over doubled. They were searching navigating through the site. Immensely who cares about goodwill want the customer to buy things that's why they're there that's why all If they have a great experience sickness stay. They're gonna and that's what i focus on. I'm not like these are and i've had pets with earth. Conversations with a cuts thirties. Other conversations mueller about this and he's like when you get variable scores on refresh he sang. This isn't the end. All it was never designed to be fully a hundred percent accurate. It's not accurate page. Speed insights is not a hundred percent. Because i would assume that there's different nodes that are testing your speeds at different places so without and you could have different load on your server. At different times there could be all sorts of. I've seen a twenty five point spread by just sitting there at hitting refresh and that is not reliable data that is so so few webmasters that they're never tell your clients about the lighthouse tool or they're gonna see different scores and keep beating you up forever and it's hard to explain to them that it's going to vary my favorite thing that web hosts loved. You've lighthouse as they're sitting next year server like we'll i've got like this ridiculous squirt. Do you're sitting on top of my website. You're literally sitting on top of the box under your seat. Is the server. Your scores are going to be through the roof. This is not represented tation of the visitor coming to your website so of hosts that do that. They love to push that like no that. That's not accurate. Let's it's some third party tools here so yen's was something we had talked about The way that people can improve javascript. Embedding images It's bad for seo. I it slows things down and it doesn't indexed images if it's in the background so don't do it. Don't use a ton of javascript which means in english don't have tons of sliders. Don't have unin Excessive action unnecessary functionality. It's not you know used legs tim. Ashes has taught us that when we have sliders we all saw. They look neat But we found out that people are clicking on them and their time of past. You know i'm not seeing it as much anymore on these major sites in his probably largely because he went in there and said stop doing this. He's worked with all the majors. That cost awesome all the multinationals the household names itself. Remember so we so. We talked about. Best practices talked about speed mobile friendliness accessibility security. I think we could author privacy in there too making sure..

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