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Dan dickerson on tigers radio in toronto yesterday calling the Miguel cabrera homerun crazy really. You're part of a four day for davis says double twice a couple runs. Drove one in metz added a couple more in the ninth finished off. The dodgers seven to avoiding owen. Seven mark against la the season. Here's baya's did what i could help. These guys the last couple of weeks. And then. When i was i was i was trying to bring my remind energy and and happiness to to the team didn't work out so well but he's back now in francisco door not far behind. We'll hear from him in a minute. Louise ross hoping the bias facto trickle down that that he's back on the actual fields fill them. You saw the second as two dollars just hustle. Baseball some of the good things that unite thank. You can transmit to the other player. Marcus stroman six innings to run ball six ks improves to nine and twelve. Being done as leading the team in wins. I think right. And you've got all the leanings He's able to go out there and you'll sticks they show us forever. They showed the one stat or he i think. He's unbeaten when the mets scored three runs or more for him. Oh yeah i mean. I told you got nineteen starts to runs to earn runs or less which is tied for second baseball. Nine wins leading the mets. It's terribly the orioles but they have not been a good team for a while now. No i understand mets back home now. Three more with the giants beginning tomorrow. Night tyler mcgill. We'll start the opener against san francisco. Mets are seven back. The braves one nine straight helps when you face the orioles and they did sweep baltimore over the weekend now. Lost eighteen consecutive games back to endure. Now he spoke before saturday's game offered his take on these steve cohen tweet from this past week. Nothing they didn't already know we've been getting that message the whole year. We haven't really hit. You're long. I haven't done it. I bought online. I haven't done what i'm here to do. When it inside the rest of my. I agree with them. Because i know we're we're gonna play and he's he's right about this defense. They can't talk to me based on him. They can't talk to me offensively. criticize me. Say whatever you want because you're right all right. Let's be fair. The defense and the base running is nice but they pay him for funny. Isn't it because he plays one of the most position important positions on the field. And it's like he's been he's been terrible. Well i listened to defend the base. Running is a factor. I mean if he were just her fewer hitter he wouldn't have gotten the contract that he did. But that's the poor. People want to focus on especially when the team is struggling overall and the offense has struggled as much as does us. We'll see what he can do once. He comes back which is going to be some time this week. Yankees and twins postponed yesterday due to honoree. They'll make it up on september. Thirteenth yanks are rolling nine. Straight wins even overcoming. Three run homers. That don't count these days and the bitches swung admittedly air to write. Deep right-center gordon at the track at the wall achieve gone. But i don't think it's gonna count. I don't think it's going to count boy. Is that on. Bear guys discuss last segment. Oh door with the late call for timeout granted by angel hernandez of course so what is going on. Pitcher went into his emotional door. Hit it out anyway. It did not count and then on the very next and once again it'll be oa-to to adore and the pitches strike angel hernandez as a habit of getting into with this closeted grievously bad call here. It is top above the strike zone. That's how far out of the zone that pitch was the red dot at the top of the zone. That was the strike. Three call correct worst. Call the game fall according to umpire scorecards. Wow there you go yanks did beat the twins those seven onto one who follows that umpire. Hide your card. This is the new. I love this. They give a report on every the next day. I sent you one last week when you were asking about. Somebody's true. Obviously you didn't see it tweeted at you. Yeah yes twitter thing. Listen you were talking about the y'all eighty really good umpire scorecards knocking you. That sounds awesome. Yeah i think they use the you know stat cast or whatever to call these. I'm a loser exactly. Evan was following that on his vacation in north carolina. Fun vacation with the mets. Losing almost every game royal but he only i only saw up. I didn't check over the weekend but last week leading into the weekend. He tweeted twice while he was away. And let's see here. Why saw the one where seeking a freaking stone and then the next one was season seasons authorised are there any president's boyhood homes. There is that why he know this carolina. Emily fam- family. I think any moment that his wife was looked in the mirror and said what the hell myself i do. Probably when he was was dunkin on that six foot and look like a dork and his driveway Yankees did win saturday. Seven one garrett cole six shutout innings andrew velasquez homered for the first time in a yankee uniform friday night they pounded many tend to to another huge game for luke void. Coordinate cortez went seven for the win. Big week ahead to with the red hot brave down in atlanta and then the big four game at the as out of all. Yeah why not sure. Make it fifteen in a row you got jordan. Montgomery and andrew heaney pitching against the braves tampa over the weekend. No idea the exact results. I can tell you. The yankees are four back. So it's been done the game. Yeah so maybe they lost two out of three. They might check on that why him on. Montgomery's opposed by who oscar inouye tonight pre game coverage on the fan at six forty four back in the race in the loss column and they are three clear of the as and the red sox in the loss column wildcard standings. What do you got Oops that the site. I put the wrong side and all right stan. I'm on now. Got two to three over. The weekend raised three one. Two three in the yanks picked. I guess because they didn't play yesterday and they won both prior yankees depend on them. I'm sure have have a bunch of the postponements. The raise usually don't have a lot of postponements as you know because they play their home games endorsed automatic loss column yankees played less than the race. I'm sure yeah yeah. Sure yankees plan not survey to do quick math one twenty four. They've played one hundred and twenty. Four games raised. Yeah kind of that. And then the arrays of play. I don't play one hundred twenty-five so only one all right very good. We mentioned miguel. Cabrera did it as five hundred career. Home run yesterday in toronto as part of a tigers. Five three win in eleven innings. He's the twenty eighth player in. Mlb history hit five hundred so doesn't care because that's a lot of guys. Five hundred home runs very. Yeah yeah. I love twenty six is of done it. Yeah but in in all these years. Yeah but how many perfect games are there. Ben you poop who those as well or just no hitters. Perfect games okay. I poo poo a perfect game or no hitter. I don't pooh-poohed perfect game no hitters. Because it's a it's a moment in time. A quick moment in time to hit five hundred home runs gotta be legit for many years career miles or your your miles. Compiler as my compiler compiling five hundred home runs a lot of my friend. Allan text me alkaline. Finish with three ninety nine. That's that sucks. Yeah not to get the four hundred and just you know go to go in go to camp go neighboring training. The next year game want hit one and then retire and didn't mantle finish to ninety nine for the batting average because he had a bad last game of his career. That salary realize going knowing no idea no idea last game made his last game he went. He went hitless. I want to look at his career. Finished two thousand nine and supposedly bothered him for the rest of his life. I remember john kruk got a hit. And then just drop the bed and said i'm i'm done okay to get the three hundred. Am i right about eight to ninety to ninety eight hundred ninety eight. Okay now. If i go to as we porn evan here his game log for his final season looking of mickey mantle stunts. Yeah it's a regular season game. Ever to mickey mail. Yeah he went one for his last twenty one over the last week. Sir yep september different than what you were talking about about hitting four ninety nine and five hundred but you're a hall of famer your mickey mantle and at the end of the day. You didn't hit three hundred for your career. I could see where that would all he ever came at me mickey mantle as he passed ninety-nine he didn't even hit three hundred ninety eight one season in little league. Yeah but i'm not mickey mantle. You're mickey mail you all of the mickey mantle fans we're going to start falling usually hate grab your rotary phones. Ninety five my bed literally. No one will care about this. But i'll say it. Anyway i can count on one hand. The amount of times. I've seen my father cry the day mickey mantle died. Was one of them really heal. Yes speaking of another one The day that we laid my grandfather don't bring us down so well while we're down. Roger bear did pass away at the age of eighty mr ranger and the reason boomer wears numbers or wore number seven correct. Yes that's his guy. So i'm sure you hear quite a bit from boomer. Tomorrow he played in the non helmet era. Oh yeah when did. When did they finally go. You know what if we weren't they grandfathered in because when the rangers won the cup in ninety four craig. Mctavish was on the team still ninety four. We we didn't think like at that point right. But i'm saying that still guys were still choice. Yeah right yeah it was not mandated that you had to head. you're not want it previously. That's we came into the league. At that point you had to wear the helmet. I still can't believe goals didn't wear masks. I mean my god ice skating around with no with no helmet on one thousand nine hundred seventy nine for players. Entering the league has aware helmet. Anyone who was already deny. So you're telling me in nineteen ninety-four. There was a dude on the rangers. Who still still not wearing a helmet. Well yeah craig. Mctavish is play around a years from the edmonton oiler days messia. That would never happen today. As far as like the league mandates a like from now on you've gotta wear Six bars on your helmet. They wouldn't be like you're fine. You reviews. I don't know because i think the players association would would bargain that we had that in the nfl with the right with the helmets. Few years back remember Antonio brown his mind is the new house and he tried to get by but to me. That's all negotiated by the players association. You gotta wear a cup and less. You didn't wear one last year. You're grandfathered in that would annoy people. I bet you if you had a where a piece of how many football players boomer has don't wear cups which i do not understand at all i'd have coverage is of course you were a couple and i played Flag football yeah come on. That's a bit much. I felt more confident like football. Someone's wiping at that area around the waist area football. I've never even thought about that. On now softball. Yes i'm with you on that one. Flank football Jerry protecting your stuff. It's all right now. I got ya jets the packers lambeau twenty-three fourteen zach wilson play. Most of the first half was against backups. But he was sharp not of eleven hundred and twenty eight yards. Couple of td passes the tyler. Kroft robert saal on his rookie. Quarterback's progresses process is light years ahead. Of what a normal rookies process will be you know so for for him. It's again the results sometimes. be good. Sometimes we get that on t shirts one hundred ten degrees in baton rouge this week. That surprise you a hundred and ten. That's you south lot of humidity. That's took me by surprise. As for wilson really enjoyed the couple a days out in green bay. Rub elbows with rodgers. Who was very interactive with the young. I really appreciate him. As a as a man i mean. He's an awesome guy and You know he definitely doesn't have to go out to me and say anything you know. I don't expect them to but it's it's means the world to me and he did so during the joint practices again at halftime. And after sunday's game so rogers painted forward not jordan love but zach navy is to jordan love behind closed doors. But we don't hear as much about annoyed jets reportedly exploring trade options for pass rusher. Now that the carl lawson has done for the season with that achilles injury giants fell to the browns yesterday seventeen thirteen. nobody really played. They had the joint practices. With cleveland leading up to its sterling. Shepard got into a little bit a fisticuffs after friday's practice and not one of these ones. Where the helmets and pads still on his after practice and they were off and now there were some fists thrown and he had to be held back now they get the patriots this week join froze some haymakers at them. Yeah so we'll see how that goes you do have you guys. Don't care about golf but it's happening here. The northern trust. You're supposed to go. Yes go yesterday today wiped out. I think it might be wiped out today to go today. I'm here plus gordon roberts monday right around the corner i was reading. No you know people are out. There are no fans allowed and also they already supposed to start early this morning. It was delayed two hours to nine thirty now. Another hour to ten thirty and before you know at this thing just tomorrow washed. Well i at some point. They've got a they've got to get to the next event but you can play tomorrow. They jets i understand. Maybe they just have rahm cam. Smith do like a play awful. 'cause they're tied for the lead at sixteen and fans covert or no. No i think just the Was huge crowds over the weekend I think probably. I'm assuming because of the rain and just the conditions like they can't even get the course ready for the player so i had imagined they don't want people trample around over there at liberty national in jersey city can't smit it's at the course record with a sixty on saturday though and if you can tell i'm very into the store nement i know you guys are not but i just keep talking about it because i am. That's great no awesome. Don't care that. I was not able to go yesterday. I hear you yeah. That's it okay important. No that's very to make it. 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