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Got every vote except one he got ninety nine point seven percent of the vote one did not vote for him Larry Walker and a case so you didn't hear from Mike who was just with this Larry Walker got seventy six point six percent of the vote he got in by six votes barrel Lloyd and the V. twelve rocker they cross the sixty percent barrier for the first time that they would need another sixty or so votes John Thorne is the Major League Baseball official Astoria he called last year's election of president his quote today Mariana Rivero was the very best at what he did Derek Jeter wall not be the very best at what he did this is John thorn major league baseball's officials story in and he goes on to say the meaningfulness of Mariano Rivera achieving unanimity just testify his two way herd mentality again John Thorne as major league baseball's official historian calling last year's election of president again I'm going to read the quote Mariana was the very best of what he did Derek Jeter will not be the very best at what he did the meaningfulness of Mariana which she van unanimity drugs testifies to a herd mentality one did not vote for him today you could also again regarding the comment here from John thorn and the herd mentality Mickey mantle Joe DiMaggio Willie Mays Tom Seaver how many can you name never made a hundred percent can Griffey junior and neither did Derek Jeter and all of us thought he would Derek Jeter is in the hall of fame and that is the bottom line and he deserves to be in the hall of fame whether you are wearing pinstripes or non he always said the right thing even though nobody remembers anything ever said as a player he was he was able to say no comment without ever saying no comment he never wore a buzzer only through trash into a garbage can and he stole more bases than signs the issue was not if he would make the hall of fame today but whether he would be joining Rivera as unanimous choice and again one did not vote for him name the nine point seven percent you can argue whether he's the best ever but the issue now none of his baseball cards are worth one of Honus Wagner is Ozzie Smith was number one when it came to back flips and Ernie banks wanted to play to when one was good enough for pee wee Reese and nobody could bump like Phil Rizzuto and of course Maury wills just now stolen other bays and in Boston nobody better than Joe Cronin and Rico Ventris Ellie and no more Garciaparra old timers won't miss remember Marty Marion they won't miss remember Alvin dark gore Davey Concepcion of the bigger than big red machine in the WFA and hall of fame ballot and of course all of bis voted here with this CBS sports radio people right down the hall in my fan hall of fame ballot we voted for number two when your program number one in the hard see Hank you fans and we also voted for all more of this scale only a hundred heads for him over four hundred stolen bases for him I had two seventy two a lifetime average and eleven town a mall Levin gold gloves he was home on the range that's for sure and he had plenty of that Cincinnati love Barry Larkin and Trammell and short and would occur at second own Detroit and in Pittsburgh so might have did grow the better higher than bill Mazza ruski and there's plenty to say about how smooth was low we sapper Recio and sure handed mark Belanger yes Ernie banks of the Chicago Cubs and robin beyond those to played other positions sure but they're all of fame years were over there at short all of the short stops didn't get as much of the vote as Derek Jeter did today and that one who did not vote for him is going to be hanging up on somebody but we are not going to go there again and give the kind of attention we gave to a writer in San Diego who was the one who didn't vote for siteground two years ago so there's plenty to talk about with this Jeter not getting the one vote but certainly the hall of Famer and you can make the argument and Yankee fans I'm sure well that he might have been and is better than cal Ripken junior better than an Ernie banks better than a robin Yount maybe the best shortstop of all time and certainly if anyone was voting on the best shortstop of all time here's a gas number two what your program number one and yards of Yankee fans definitely would be voting him the best of all time a word or two of course we're going to take whatever calls we will take about the one who did not vote for Derek Jeter I think don't don't over react on IT is in the hall of fame and that's where he belongs he deserves the hall of fame if you're going to go nuts on the one vote you know save it for something a little bit more important but something to say about with the Mets and what has been with looking for a new manager now may be the New York Mets will name the guy who really wants the job more than anyone else Brody van wagon then maybe the Mets will name Brody their new manager apparently he never had a plan be so what about the final is what about Eduardo Pereira is what a bad Tim Bogar well read that way sometimes common sense is not so common if it's true that Brody and his staff of number two pencils are concerned about their place in the sun was Steve Coll one and what he might think of the new manager that Brody is to select then here is what the Brody really needs to do have a meeting with Steve come on get his choices if he has one and then do what you need to do if Colin things dusty Baker or bug show Warner are worthy then tell him you'll consider and then make your choice and if you want to keep your job and lose so little control then make it a bang for the Buck and shoe show warder end of the search and not necessarily the end of your job we also have of course with the is Superbowl coming up into what it seems like two years already before they found to get going but the number one story is not that Derek Jeter not a lecture to the hall of fame that is no surprise no major news at all the major news is that he did not get a hundred percent of the vote and again I'll read the quote we'll take a break and then we'll get right away to your telephone calls John Thorne major league baseball's official historian calling last year's election of president his quote Mariana was the very best of what he did Derek Jeter will not be the very best at what he did thorn said the meaningfulness of Mari I know a tree ring your internet mini dress testifies.

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