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Hello book club listeners. Editing steve here with two pretty major announcements I and most relevant to your feed today. We have decided to go back to our original biweekly ish format so we're not going to be doing beside episodes unless we really really want to. We have a great excuse. A great reason. Our hearthrow thousand percent in it with phoenix being a new dad and me being working way towards grad school. We just don't feel we have the time to make our besides like consistently the knockout punches. We prefer them to be so. There's going to be slightly less boo club in your feeds. But don't worry we're going to be doing all of our main book reviews. Still you'll pry those from our cold dead hands onto the more major announcement the one. You really truly. Don't want to miss this halloween october. Thirty first twenty. Twenty one will be the final episode of the stephen king boo club. We have reached the end of our reading list at that point having gone all the way from kerry up to twenty twenty one's later we've got some big things planned for the end of the season. We'll explain what we're gonna do later on in probably different announcement but for now you know. Start getting your champagne and party hats prepped. This is the remainder of our reading list. The wind through the keyhole doctor sleep revival the outsider the institute and finally later. If you're reading along with us eleven twenty to sixty three will be our final two parter everything else. We're going to tackle on one and there will be time to be sentimental about this soon. We do have a few more months to get through. I and we'll be talking about what we're going to do with the feed et cetera in those coming months four. Now we'll see you next week with the second half of eleven twenty to sixty three bye-bye..

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