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And Put. More cornerbacks in the game which again, why would you not draft find more corners than they did draft a corner in third round With Michael OJ media. That's a big one i. mean he's he was in the third round I hope he'll be alright but I'm just not sure where he fits because you're not even hearing his name in the in the competition. As far as that goes. So that's a little scary when you look at that. Because it's Yatom you hear Bazi you hear, Harris. So I don't know if Oj is going to be a guy that can compete to actually get some meaningful time this year. then. You have the injury bug hitting already. You got broncos rookie cage hammer out a couple of weeks with a hamstring injury everything that I read about training camp so far Colfax was that handler was. Was To be lucky to be the third guy that's kind of top ten Patrick's getting more reps. So. Handler who you took in the second round. Now the injury, the injury on top of it, but wasn't having the kind of camp to to at least move him up into consideration to be the third wide receiver. Now. I would say slot wide receiver but they're the running Jerry Judy in the slot lot. I think they're going to move him around all over the field. So. You have that going down. But the devastating news perhaps could be Todd Davis Todd Davis is banged up and that one's a little scary todd. Davis injures his leg during drill. How how do you? Here todd is he started last year her too. So I think you gotta be very careful with him. David. Sustained a calf injury. We know last year in training camp. He didn't play until September twenty second at Green Bay. But he went down this just yesterday during an eleven on eleven, play it to trainers come over to help him off the field. He received a cartwright back to the locker room. Josie Joel replace, Davis for the final period of practice and that one that one's going to hurt forty minutes after the hour your thoughts so far. Are you concerned about that cornerback position as much as I am. And Again You C K J hamlet hurt and you think wow. Hurt thing can't predict it going to happen whatever no-one I'm not gonNA fault you unless like you had a history of injuries. But I still fall elway on that pick because the need was much greater in other positions. Corner Offensive Line but you doubled down, you went to either receivers in a row forty, eight minutes after the hour we'll take a short break here wrap up our number one and we'll get more into the hey nuggets, jazz rockies a little bit of big series coming up against the dodgers tonight we'll have that one. We will have that one for you on thirteen ten K. of gay tonight. So don't miss that one. We'll take a quick break. When we come back. broncos made a decision. And I don't know if it's going to be a very popular one..

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