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It does a run in then thrust cake on Saturn and inside and his pinned. Why is Lance storm the right guy to kick off the invasion. I don't know the was necessarily the right guy to kick off the invasion, but the fact that we were in Calgary. And Lance was there in Calgary help that decision quite a bit. You and flying, but he and he was there and it was easy that that more than anything, but doing the WCW invasion in Atlanta didn't make any sense. Got it. Okay. He didn't need a Bill. That's why wasn't champion, didn't? It is. Is so ridiculous. Okay. Let's talk about the decision. Of course you you said there say it's ridiculous, but yet you've never experienced trying to deal with with the mind of Vince McMahon and you're trying to apply logic to an illogical situation. Well, listen, if that's the excuse, let's just fucking cut the tape in the episode and the series now because we could just say there's no point discussing this. Nothing was logical. No, I'm just, I'm just saying that that's you ask why those decisions were made. That's why those decisions were made. God damn pal. Of course, it's got to be Lance storm. We're in Calgary, Vince, let's make sure we do the WCW invasion in their hometown where we took the and trying to invade their office and all that. You remember the CNN center. God damn what's wrong with from Atlanta. It's amazing. Well, okay. But again, using your logic, neither one of those guys were from Atlanta, I understand that you're saying, say the whole invasion to Atlanta. No, I'm saying the match should have been in Atlanta. Using the same logic than Lance storm should have been the first one to come in and in Atlanta. No, that's that's not true. I if I listen, let me just tell you if I'm booking the invasion land storms, not the guy kicks it off. No disrespect to Lance storm pick fan, Lance storm. But to me when I think Lance storm, I don't think, oh man, that guy's got WCW all over him. No, who did. Oh my God. Are you fucking serious right now? Bruce, what there was only there was only one to me. There was only one big star in in the initial deal that was Booker t do it with him. Ready for him yet. It's not a real answer. It is a real answer. We weren't ready for him yet. You gotta build. It's you don't. You don't start off with your.

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