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Excited to announce Pallomari solar and roofing. Why does this matter to you? These two industries are directly connected solar industry, and now roofing, now you get the best warranties in both businesses all under one roof, seven zero five zero four zero three eight it's Palam our solar and roofing. Learn more Pallomari solar dot com. The local name that you can trust, now, bigger and better Palam, our solar dot com. News update. President Trump opened a state visit to Japan with criticism of the country's trade advantage, and a few reasons why the US, and Japan work well together today, we're cooperating closely across many industries, including defense technology, digital economy and energy also infrastructure science, and so much more. CBS is Ben Tracy Japanese Prime minister Shinzo Ave has gone out of his way to woo. President Trump, a senior administration officials has Trump and have now met or spoken more than forty times the prime minister caters to the president's preferences after a lightly Gulf outing tomorrow. The two leaders are expected to dine on hamburgers. There's also business discuss the president's has military and trade issues are on the agenda which could include Japan agreed to buy more American military hardware, including s thirty five fighter jets, CBS news update. I'm. And you let. Now, from the studios of news, eight five, local, talk, and breaking news. This is AM sentence, sixty a turncoat in uniform. I'm Eric Roy. That's one of the following on sixty a navy. Sailor has pleaded guilty in San Diego to two counts of espionage for trying to share classified information about nuclear powered warships with the Russians, the NCIS twenty petty officer second class. Steven Kellogg, we'll spend three years in the Brig and be reduced in rank to an e one sandbags says the San Diego region is getting sixteen million dollars from the state to make infrastructure improvements for bicyclists and.

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