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Com how do people find you both will work okay great we've got a brand new book coming out will you do and where to talk about it now it's be the first week of august august seventh the history of jihad from muhammad to i've got start here and i think we talked about this last time but i've gotta start here do you live your life like constantly under threat that somebody's gonna come and get you because you're bold enough to not really care to sugarcoat islam you actually tell the story the way muhammad told the story you actually are true to the abrogation than ever gate orders and and the whole idea that that islam somehow got nicer isn't true it actually has gotten much nastier do you live in fear all the time no it's not worthwhile live in fear job but i don't have any allusions it's not as if i'm gonna live forever if i don't do this and i have gotten slow somebody death threats i had no idea how many they have tried to kill me twice but they didn't so i'm just gonna keep going they're gonna do what they're gonna do but as far as i'm concerned i remember the editor of the charlie hebdo magazine who was one of the people that the jihadis killed and he said i'd rather die standing up live on by knees i agree how did we get here because if we go back in our history and correct me if i get anything wrong because you're the expert thomas jefferson from what i understand did distribute the koran but there were pages in the beginning of it saying look this is who we have to worry about we try to pretend like he loved his long or something which isn't true how did we get here to where we pretend that that history is different than it really was well there's a concerted but this is one of the reasons why i wrote the book joke because there's a concerted effort nowadays to revive history for the purpose of furthering political agendas that are contemporary and one of the things is that they use thomas jefferson for because he had a koran and his library and they try to say see he loved the slob he was influenced by slum in reality thomas jefferson was facing the barbary pirates who are actually jihadis right hope him and he wrote to congress explaining that they told him when he met the moroccan embassador in london this is all in the book that they were fighting because the koran commanded them to fight against infidels and that's why they were seizing the american ships and they were never going to stop doing it because the koran wasn't going to change jefferson got the koran and read it because he was following the principal know your enemy was some sort of proto multiculturalist the name of the book is the history of jihad from hamad to isis his name is robert spencer jihad watch dot com what's interesting about the name of the book is people are either lying about or they're confused about door jihad means doesn't mean struggle or does it mean holy war what does it mean well actually it does mean struggle and the thing is is that there are all kinds of struggles in arabic just like you can use the word struggle in english and so many different context civilizational struggle and also the struggle to quit smoking or something like that right the same thing in islam and in arabic the islamic republic of iran has department of agricultural jihad that doesn't mean that blowing up the farm it means that they're trying to increase their trying to struggle to increase the crop yields right and in slavic theology however jihad primarily does mean warfare against unbelievers to establish the rule of islamic law over to them and to subjugate them as inferiors and as i show in the books this is something that was done throughout history from staines india in the middle east and africa in north america in europe and the asia india china it's all over the world and uninterrupted for fourteen hundred years the history of jihad from muhammad to isis is the.

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