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There's i don't know anything else that we can do at this particular point in time that's gonna speedy the law making an identification of a gene dough isn't quicker easy here's how it works the national missing an unidentified person system her namus as a database it's too big lists really one is a list of unidentified bodies jane and john does the other is a list of people who've been reported missing name is tries to match the two it's like a raffle one ticket alone doesn't do it you need the other ticket with the matching number the dna fingerprints and dental profile of the jane doe ticket after match the profile of the family ticket we want to reunite families we wanna send them back hall we want to give them their names that they were born with amy dobbs is an investigator for namus so the system had flag several possible matches space off of high weight date in mountain jane does case the database flags four missing women who could be a match women who were about the same age who disappeared around the same time aim is job is to collect dna samples from their families we want to gather is many relatives as we possibly can to strengthen that dna profile to build up profile amy goes out into the field to collect dna basically she dragged people's homes and asked them to put a cute tip in their mouth is caught it bucle swat and we collect net skin sales from the inside of the mouth she takes the q to back to the lab where scientists use those skin cells to create the dna profile but without mountain gene does dna in the system there's nothing to match it too.

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