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Victim had been dumped off at the ER of children's hospital downtown, the victim and his. Twenties is in critical. Condition With a bullet, to his side there were reports, of a man in a car that look, like a yellow cab firing wildly at new braunfels and hey street thirty six year old man was stabbed in the chest. Early this morning after telling a man who approached him at a parking lot that he didn't want to buy the stolen purse he was. Selling the victim is in critical condition with a stab wound to the chest it happened on Glamis avenue off road on the southeast side the European. Union says it will not fall in line with the, Trump administration's, new sanctions against, Iran White House issuing this statement encouraging our allies to. Join the maximum pressure campaign we're all nations to take such steps to make clear that the Iranian regime faces a. Choice as a changes threatening to stabilizing behavior in reintegrate with the global economy or continue down the path of economic isolation to the sanctions that have been suspended by the two thousand fifteen nuclear, agreements DAT back into place overnight this round hits Ron's trade in gold and other precious. Metals the sale or transfer of metals including steel Aluminum coal in a, wide. Range of currency transactions sanctions due to hit in November include Iran's oil exports the Mendocino complex fire burning in northern California is now the largest wildfire in the state's history the two. Fires combining to form the Mendocino complex have scorched more than two hundred eighty three thousand. Angers admitted to see no lake and Qaluza counties the larger. Fires is the ranch fire which is burned two hundred and thirty five thousand acres and is only twenty one. Percent contained north, of the Mendocino complex fire the car fire continues. Raging and has claimed seven lives it's burned over one hundred sixty four thousand acres but fire crews are making progress on stopping at San Antonio firefighters are headed to northern California this week to help it was one of the bloodiest weakens in recent memory in Chicago was seventy four people shot any loving kill at. A press conference yesterday Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel came out of, the shadows to address what many, say he's Ignored the bloodshed in the city's black neighborhoods fueled by drugs gangs and a morally corrupt culture we as a, city in every, corner, having accountability, and responsibility if you know who did this speak up the dozens of victims shop. This weekend in gun control Chicago range in age from sixty two to just eleven anti-violence protesters have taken to the streets in recent weeks demanding that's. Something change nearly four in ten Texas teachers took a summer job to keep their family of low that's according to the latest survey done by the Texas State teachers. Association president Noel Candelaria says things are not getting better. Getting more and more difficult not only to make, the teaching profession and attractive profession but also in retaining quality. Teachers survey also asked teachers how much of their own. Money they spend on the classroom and the average seven hundred and thirty eight dollars well there is talk of a one hundred and. Seventy, five million dollar expansion of Royal memorial stadium the home of the Texas longhorns the The UT system regions meet Thursday to, examine the proposal which calls for. All private money to be used it, would include new suites. Sponsor amenities and new offices for the football coaches at the south end of the stadium if the. High sign is giving construction could begin at the end of the coming football season the West Hollywood city council, voted. Donald Trump star. Off the. Hollywood walk, of fame last night Hollywood city council unanimously approved a resolution requesting. The Hollywood chamber of commerce remove Donald Trump star on the Hollywood walk of, fame but there's no guarantee that will happen in fact the business groups says it does not remove stars over public backlash the, chamber says the Hollywood walk of fame as a registered landmark and wants a stars added it's not removed vandals have destroyed Trump star twice most recently last month when. A, twenty four year old man took a pickaxe to facing.

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