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Very very cool I'm looking forward to to to following some more contests story. Sounds to me like a lot of the big contests and I've been asked not to talk too much about this until details final, but then a lot of the contests. We knowing love at various venues. I'll just leave it at that or finding a way to exist in an online forum this year. partnerships potentially between various thing WC increase potential amount of place, so as I get more details than I can share I I'm happy to do that, but that's the most fun of all Khalil when we have these these mid. Mid Majors will leading up to our our two biggest events, the NHA and the Breeders Cup betting challenge and ask people qualify and and win cash. I think people are going to be pleased to know that they can potentially play these events from the comfort of home. If all the ts get cross and I get dotted, so that's some pencil subject matter for an upcoming visits as as I. Hope to get back on your on your regular calendar now that are both of our lives, or or maybe settling down just a little bit. In the summer the summer months. Dead ahead, and the Saratoga seen, and I'm sure we'll do some shows again from from the track and that Up The depending on depending on what transpires and that that's still up in the air and Around Pete before seth joins US you mentioned the time spent with Jonathan this week and the posted that last night because I could tell by some some Ding, Dong, of. Of twitter posts. And thanks.

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