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Biggest threats around stories. I mean, the person that you could have married literally bumped into you. And you didn't look up from her phone, right? It's so true the truth. It really like also just a fair has all at it's it's such a threat like it has access to things that you have on your phone. It's not reality. And no one thinks to put a boundary on it. They just wanna they don't wanna put about no rain, like whatever, you know. And it's like I really challenge. It's a discussion. I'm so glad you brought that up. It's the discussion. I think our generation specifically needs to start taking seriously. And I think I think the that we are like I think the like if I'm going to have kids when we so aware of that to my children, and so having those conversations and bringing that into the next generation, I think maybe there's like a little saving grace there for the next generation. But I it's just being aware. And how you treat your phone even in front of the kids, you know? But speaking of let's talk about your daughter. I love the name ember. How did you come up with that? Ember gene, Ambert, gene, that's beautiful. And you wanna tell? Well, so we fell in love around a campfire bits that was like like most of our dating and friendship was around this campfire pet on Jeremy. It's kind of a it's kind of a central theme in the book occurring embers. And like, yeah. So embers, you know, there's a lot of symbolism and embers their enduring their lasting, they're inviting their warm. There's there sparks in a force fire. It's the embers go ahead and keep spreading the fire. And so that part of the fire to and like, you know, I'm not gonna lie. I did wish that maybe should have red hair. She doesn't. Hey, it's okay. Yet. But yeah, so fires and it's a beautiful name. It's like it's like unique without being weird. For like coming out. These names like I'm pardon me. Three love it. She's she's amazing. How do you think? She is changed outlook on life. It's a good question. Man. I maybe she maybe she's just. I feel like it's. I think that she's made us away more selfless like when we found out where so she was a surprise when we found out we were pregnant, we realize in that moment that we found out how selfish we were. We were like, whoa. Wait a second. Hold on. We wanted to have kids. We've always wanted to make family always. But just we weren't ready. Right. And you never ready. But it was you know, I just be honest. We cried that night. Whoa. Or old life is just in a now, she's like the greatest joy like brings us more life opens. Our eyes makes us more aware to things like we're really learning things about ourselves about each other about his life through her lens. It's incredible kids are the you know, you've nieces nephews vine. It's so fun. Yeah. So we love it. We love her Mr. when you fear. So her shattered. This. This stretch was a long one. You guys have dog by any chance. We have a cat. I know what weird no all animals. Pine the kitty, she's a rescue Katie from a ranch, central Oregon. And she's no one cares about our cat. She's a good cat. I'm a rest. We wanna get a dog. What we wanna have some land force? Yes. So what you guys don't live on a farm right now. No dream of living on the family farm hundred ten acres. You know? So we have the benefits. Yes. Exactly. So we drive there. Everyday our offices. There we go for walks and all that stuff. We were like we're in New York City a couple of days ago, and there's people walk around with like huskies like Manhattan. I don't understand what makes that for those dog for expire heart a little bit Megyn when we lived in LA..

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