House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Trump, Louis Louis Lee discussed on Todd and Don


Yesterday than any state has any day in this crisis. More than 15,000 Louisiana in Michigan have a mask wearing mandatory starting today, joining 23 other states and while some Americans refused to wear them, the other controversies President Trump's push to get kids back in school this fall, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN. This is appalling. The message messing the president. And his administration are messing with the health of our Children. White House press secretary Killa McEnaney really reacted on thoughts this morning. Only one messing with their Children. Is Nancy Pelosi herself because there are grave consequences for school staying shut down, Kayleigh Mcenany says. Not all CDC guidelines. Air feasible, like all kids bringing lunch to school. There's news outs on federal executions ones planned for today. Foxes Chapman also on the case Live Dave Danieli. Louis Louis Lee Rather was sent to die today by lethal injection at a Terra haute, Indiana prison after a federal appeals court lifted an injunction Sunday. Though moments ago a federal judge has ordered a new delay in here's and two other executions this week. All three child killers. Attorney General William Barr says the Justice Department has a duty to carry out the sentence is imposed.

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