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Gilly is dead at the age of 86 Gilly became one of the biggest names in the country music world in the 1970s after the release of his debut song room full of roses He scored 15 number one singles in the 70s and 80s like fool for your love That's all that matters and stand by me He released over 20 albums during his entire career Gilly was also the cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis his death was confirmed by Pasadena mayor Jeff Wagner I'm Chris coraggio The actor who will forever be known for portraying Wally cleaver on the TV sitcom leave it to beaver is battling cancer Tony Dow's wife broke the news on the actor's official Facebook page the 77 year old was hospitalized last year with pneumonia The Hollywood native and one time junior Olympics diving champ starred on the classic series during its entire 6 year run on CBS and ABC the show ran from 1957 until 1963 It looks like Boeing is on the move Trey Thomas has details The company says it will relocate to Virginia to be closer to the Defense Department and the FAA the CEO says it just makes strategic sense The headquarters moved from Seattle to Chicago in 2001 Boeing plans to use its new campus to develop a research and technology hub Boeing also has assembly plants in Washington and South Carolina I'm Troy Thomas A Texas antiques dealer says a Roman bust she bought at a goodwill turned out to be an ancient relic Laura young purchased the bust for just under $35 at the thrift store in Austin in 2018 after suspecting the antique was very old she shared her discovery with a London auction that confirmed the statue was 2000 years old from the late first century BC or early first century AD The bust was listed in a 100 year old catalog from a German art museum the statue will be displayed at the San Antonio Museum of Art before its return to Germany The mega millions jackpot is getting higher a lot of the officials say nobody picked all 6 numbers in last night's drawing That means Tuesday's jackpot will be worth $86 million Friday's numbers were 16 21 33 52 70 and the mega number was ten The Oregon zoo has named its new orangutan baby after Dolly Parton's song jolene a line in that song goes your beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair orangutans have auburn colored hair Zookeepers weren't able to tell whether the baby was a boy or a girl until now because they couldn't get close enough I'm Chris.

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