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And I'm not mad because you do gotta get back to health, but the way duke was able to win. With a guy that we're talking about in the top ten potentially not being on the court. You got to take that as a victory. And then you look at duke's general shooting numbers. They're one for 12 from three. They beat Kentucky by 8, pretty, pretty wild. I mean, you alluded to that in the text too. Kentucky didn't go on a run when duke's three best players were on the bench. So I think duke has something well formulated in cooking out there for today anyway. Yeah, that's literally what I was going to ask you was what did you think duke shot from three? How many threes do you think duke made in the same way? No, until I was prepping and looked late. I said, oh my God, they don't have passive hands, I guess, and they're shot 8%, one for 12, which is insane. Yeah. That was absolutely insane. For Kentucky, Damien Collins played two minutes. It just looks very clear that he is not ready to play yet, which is fine. They have to hope that by mid season that he can get some time on the court, but this is a guy that I've kind of told people like maybe a one and done, maybe not. He's still very raw. Obviously like a pogo stick and can out high point the ball in anyone. I hope that they're able to give him some run. Over the course of their next 5 games where they play Robert Morris mount saint Mary's Ohio, who picked up big win against Belmont tonight. That's actually kind of a danger game for Kentucky, I think. I would watch that. And then they play Albany north Florida, central, Michigan, and southern. So they have some games here to really figure some things out. And I would hope Damien Collins gets a minute or two there to be able to really get some court time and get his legs under him a little bit. It wasn't a coming out party of last year on Isaiah Jackson had 7 points, 12 rebounds, 8 blocks, and he said, yeah, I mean, this guy's got a chance to be a first round pick. Damian Collins went out there and Mark Williams like immediately big boy. And I said, yeah, I don't know how long ago last out here. And he didn't last too long. You said it. He has all the tools. He has a chance to be there, but it's not like the snap of the fingers he's ready to go right now. All right, in the last guy here that we should talk about is well let's talk about the severe and Oscar show. I mean, severe Wheeler was effective in so far as duke really struggled to stay in front of him. Beyond that, I don't really. I mean, this was just like not my kind of game, I guess..

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