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I see it on on instagram then people followed it apple TV people over Chico Akron you. So if you have a product crowds which they've shown things unaware started where whether or not so great to now. Productions, I think I. Think we if they were they WANNA go if they want to take it off mine if they do you want to take it to another. Vinoo side of Crete they all they can do that now and have a solid gooding and backing of not only you know the public but these artists who know their time is valuable and you don't WanNa go out there looking crazy so this. Them To. Use the present. Brandy and Monica they did it because they both have music coming out. So now it's a way that they can say, okay, you can't do concerts. We can't do probably normally do let's do a versus let's announcing music place in news the even on bringing Monica, its own Merch, they slaughter fort where we all Help out here so I think. Molin Martin had in mind. In a perfect world would have been great. It's always good to own it and have have had yours in not produce someone out. In mind where we are with coded, where we are with people having access to two different types of A. I I don't think that it was wrong for them to go rafters they win this the roughly choose could. Wayne that Roman. Out We don't know and that's what they need now is picking up where we are in now getting the ownership. Valuable product on this brand new correctly. Will agree to. Disagree. Biggest. About Teddy Riley I think. We. Talk about because he you know, we look at it and say you try to do a whole production. But in all honesty, he really had something and it he would have pulled that off. That would really set the tone moving forward. Had He pulled what he was trying to do all Erica by do did it? But. She just you know is much more flawlessly and then I think she sold her tickets for a dollar and she did it on her website. So this is no different from what the versus series is and you're telling me that as artists just sing is ours you have ice cube or snoop or masterpiece can go live and say go to this website and you're going to get. Minimum Twenty five to fifty thousand people that will go over to wherever they say meet me right now this is where I'm going to be. So I just think the Teddy Riley had something is just that. He just did not have it lined up but if he have did it would have been genius what. Do did she made a she made a million dollars or one hundred, thousand dollars in one night all knowledge of one dollar taken. So in Vegas if you don't see on my point of view, I get it. But I just look at it as we just turned around game. Instagram, which is facebook all of this money when that could have been Swiss beats and Timberlands that could have been all of them and we've been champion them saying you know Black America we got we got also wheat. Of. Winning because I. Don't. Think. We're disagreeing with the concept or the permits. I definitely agreed that it would. It would have been great if they had their own platform. But again when we think about air, Kabad you how far in the versus battles worry and shooting going on this platform so she had had to go out but the one that were in the earlier rounds they did it was in the beginning on this and.

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