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Here at first news, weather and sports every half hour on WWL, AM and FM. Hey, twenty-seven Tommy Tucker talking about the New York Times yesterday and said a lot of things bad about President Trump. And I think one other way to look at this is do you think it was good or bad for the country? I think it was bad. And if you look at an excerpt from the Bob Woodward book, I think it quoted the lawyer cone is saying that he and Bob Muller had a conversation about the president sitting down and talking to him, and I'm paraphrasing here, but it was some along the lines of hey, Bob. You don't want to put this guy down putting putting having him sit down and do an interview because it's going to be embarrassing and the rest of the world is going to realize and just paraphrasing the book here what a buffoon. He is. Or how incompetent he is. And it seems to me that by publishing that in the book, you pretty well told the other world leaders that. He is and where they can choose whether to believe it or not I also think the timing of this bed is very suspect considering that it comes right after Bob board would publish Bob Woodward rather published or at least came out excerpts from his book. And I think it comes out next week. That's when it becomes available. The other thing I would say is that Bob Woodward? Why can I say that Bob Woodward works for the Washington Post? And this was the New York Times. Mike and Mary. Hi, you're on wwl. Good morning. Morning. Tommy, how are you doing? Well. Thank you. Quickly comments about the op-ed. I kind of understand what you're saying about some of the questions about peace and the timing and whatnot. And and the point about, you know, if they really thought that there was something going on. Why didn't they do anything? I get that. His my issue with it is that, you know, personally, the guy didn't have enough self control tonight, make fun of a disabled person on the campaign. I mean, all you have to do is is is listen to him. Listen to him speak. Doc allies that are basically right in front of your face, and everything that he has said in other people I've said in other books and other things it's there for us to view. It's there for us to take we still voted them in. And I still honestly believe that there is a an I think this is part of the problem. There is a good portion of his base that really, you know, the old saying that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, and they would support him. I honestly believe that. I also think that part of the problem is that were so tribal that reasonable Republicans are kind of if they had proof or eventually solve that everything. Everybody else is telling us is like, you know, maybe this guy is off the rails. I still think there'd be an issue with some of them even not even wanting to vote for a democrat because they're they're just a democrat. They'd rather have a crazy Republican in office, and the democrat so would become that tribal that there is that danger? So I can see where they would have an issue with really what do we do with this? We this is who they voted in. This is what we're doing. Well, what do we do? So I think there is a legitimate concern with what they said about a constitutional crisis. If they went that far because we think Tommy there would be tons and millions and millions and millions of people saying they're going after him because he's an outsider looking at it as a coup almost right, Mike. Exactly, exactly. So. Personally. I listen, I would have voted for Casey. But that's who I voted for in a primary, correct? I'm an independent. But there was no way. I was going to vote for that, man. No way. So I voted for Hillary. But that's just me. And I I've always had these concerns from the gecko, you know, just from what we saw. But people ignored all the things that are obvious that these people are basically telling us that they're seeing themselves. We could see if you wanted to. But there's people out there who don't want to see it. So if you don't wanna see you're right. And you know, what if they would have went with that route in and I have been yelling a coup. I think the kind of stock. They really are. Well, I think what we're not counting in here is congress either because they would be the major players in this. I think it takes two thirds of the Senate two thirds of the house and that's hard to get to invoke the twenty fifth amendment. But I do think you you brought up a good question in terms in two things I took away from your conversation. One is do you think the president is off the rails out of his mind out of touch, mentally unstable? Do you think that and Secondly, are you really surprised that any thing that the president's done as president? Because did you really think he was the White House or winning the election was going to change who he was or who he was on the apprentice, etc? Give me a.

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