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The opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal. This is Potomac Watch. Welcome back on Paul Zhigo with Kim Strassel and bill mcgurn and related to our conversation. Asian about Elizabeth Warren and Medicare fallbrook Obama for two-term president of the United States easily. The most popular Democrat in the country still Ah after he has left office is came out on a late last week on Friday and said that Democrats have to be careful with offering too much change in the presidential election because he said that voters are American. Voters do want some forward looking agenda but they are wary of blowing up. The whole system and I thought that that was an implicit rebuke. Bill of the warn agenda and of the Sanders Agenda and and the idea that You want to take away for example. We didn't mention it but one hundred seventy million private health insurance insurance policies and he said you know you need to be able to propose something that is incremental So obamacare was one thing build on that. Don't go in terms of big blowing up the whole system and a government takeover voters won't buy it or they'll be reluctant to buy it. A striking intervention wasn't a endorsement of Joe Biden his former vice president but but it was about as close as you're going to get from Brock Obama. Yeah I'm a little more cynical had it because I think what he's saying is absolutely correct. Don't sell this huge huge transformational thing and remember he campaigned. There's no blue America. There's Red America. I think what he's really saying. Campaign in these modest moderate tones and then once you get in there do whatever the hell you want and throw it all out and up and all these rules and so forth but that is the smart way to do it right tonight. Your healthcare plan your healthcare plan. You can keep it. Oh that's mean that famous That famous plan Kim it. I think the advice is is is I think he's I think. Elizabeth Warren is going to be asked about this and should be asked about this if the moderators the debate have their wits about them. It's a central element of how you're going to defeat whether night which way you go to defeat Donald trump well let's see if the moderators moderators. Actually go there. I don't hold a lot of hope in that regard ple but but just in terms of Barack Obama's comments look at the subject. We were just discussing which which was Medicare for all you know back. When Barack Obama was instituting this sweeping new agenda for healthcare which really was the most radical thing? The the American public had ever seen His administration made a conscious decision not to even go for the public option because they felt that that would be a bridge too. So far with voters We're not that far along from that date And and yet we now have candidates every single Democratic candidate. There is already already out in favor of the public option. And then you have. Several more. That are advocating getting rid of healthcare for everyone private healthcare for everyone in the country that is a radical Michael Agenda and just his pointing it out it. It is very sound advice. But it's notable to me that the most progressive president that we've ever had in this country Felt the need to tell US party to slow down. Yeah it's fascinating to me. Let's talk about The peed booed edge edge experience as James James Freeman. Our colleague. Put it in his Rather Woodley in his column headline Pete Is Mayor. Pete Mayor South Bend gaining Rather markedly in Iowa Woah. He is Now the leader in the register poll of highly credible poll. It's been quite accurate in the past and about The Iowa caucuses and now he is The front runner he has surpassed Biden and Bernie and Elizabeth Warren and So there's gotta be some than going out there also his fundraising has been a really really good Nationally he's running about eight percent but he's now the clear clear front runner in the Des Moines poll and I think has to be considered as a serious player bill for the nomination. We're still a long way out but I still still think he is Somebody who's Certainly certainly could win your. I'm looking at the real clear politics averages and you made a point in our editorial meeting earlier Bouche still fourth in the national polls eight point three percent but in Iowa he's number one in twenty one percent right so that can change you win. I will all of a sudden you are a real candidate and it changes a lot of the and it will affect the other national polls down the road and the and the succeeding succeeding contests and New Hampshire Nevada South Carolina. He's basically taken the place of Kamala Harris who was trailing at four and so forth as a serious candidate. He has a couple of pluses he has military background. I'm he speaks well on stage I don't I don't agree with most of what he says. He's articulate. Think his record. It's terrible but he speaks well on presents himself well on stage. I think he's enjoyed something of a honeymoon because when they think he really might get the brass ring. I think the attacks are GONNA come out. You already see some of it. You know amy. Klobuchar said that no woman with experience as thin as his would be on on that stage. I think there's a lot of resentment up there. Some of it may be over his fundraising prowess where he's very good. And it'll be interesting at this debate to see see when you when you rise as Elizabeth one out you get attacked well and Amy Klobuchar. Intervention is is Important because Kim. She has always always thought of herself. As a Minnesota senator as having a real chance in Iowa to make breakthrough she has a certain Midwest. Sensibility that would work. You would think in and I and Iowa. She's trying to operate in the same lane which is more centrist lane within the party. Not Off in the Warren and Sanders Land and and Yet as an alternative to Joe Biden so by Compete Mayor Pete with his rise is really taking some of the support report that she had hoped to get to rise at the last in the last couple of months in Iowa so I would expect to see Koba Char may be go after Pete Pete In the days ahead yeah. I would almost count on that because he is crowding her out. She made a determination early on her campaign pain that she was going to follow the Iowa strategy and really try to capitalize on her greater name. Id there And use it to catapult her Into a better position nationally. I think where she has struggled. And where mayor. Pete is outshining her as he has received so much national attention and that it has really allowed him to fundraise like crazy and then he has taken that money and in the same way she had the same intention. He's been pouring during it into Iowa buying more than two million dollars worth of TV spots zipped since September. I think he's had nearly four thousand spots on the air. That is clearly translating translating into something and the state The one caveat I would offer here in it's not just the national polls but if we had another poll out just recently about out South Carolina which is the third in the country And it's Quinnipiac poll Biden there gets twenty two percent of the white boat and Buddha judge gets eleven percent but then listen to this number biting gets forty four percent of the black vote and Buddha judge gets zero and I'm not missing a number there he he has got a track down a few individuals. I'm sure somewhere in the state who are for peace somewhere but he does have a big issue with minorities minorities which do make up a significant portion of the democratic electorate. There was a Telemundo poll from October Nationwide showing he got two percent of the Hispanic Spanish. Vote nationwide. So you know you can do well in Iowa but at a certain point you also have to translate back. That's that's got translate to other states and right now he has some big issues. Well Excellent point but Peter saying look if I can go to the front in I will that will galvanize media attention and Perhaps catapult me into a serious Person in New Hampshire. If you win New Hampshire and then Nevada before you go to south China can go in there with a with a real head of steam now. A- people who've won I wa have faltered before her Howard Dean comes to mind as one But on the other hand all of the recent democratic presidents who've or the the people who won the nomination have done very well in Iowa Al Gore won Iowa for example Barack Obama won Iowa and Hillary Sorry Clinton or the last time. If I'm not mistaken one Iowa so you have I was not a and John Kerry Now how did he win Iowa or not yes he did he did win Iowa so In two thousand four so that called catapulted them to them nation so I wouldn't under estimate the did the importance of Mayor Pete Win in Iowa. I think you're right palm. That's clearly his strategy. But again I do think that. He's benefited from people. People not taking a hard look at his record yet because he hasn't really been quite is threatening until very recently and Kim points out he has zero African African American support and not only that he has a black lives matter problem back in his in his home. City shootings are up and so forth and so forth heated up in the summer and then it receded but I think if he becomes serious serious. That people think you'll get it. This is going to Activate a lot of those people with protests. There'd be people they'll be reporters New York Times reporters in South Bend and so forth To look at his actual record to see if that's really where this country he wants to go and finally one other development in the Democratic presidential race Mike Bloomberg not formally in yet but nonetheless marching towards visit took the time to register to File his papers and Arkansas. Last week to some media attention. He's aiming at Super Tuesday. Tuesday so-called in the first week of March which will be after all of the early contests. We've been talking about but many many states on that day I believe including Texas and California. They'll be big A big number of delegates at stake so looks like Bloomberg is getting in. The best sign may be that he is going to get in Kim that he backtracked now and issued his regrets for his policy during twelve years of mayor. Rest stop and Frisk which was The policy of approaching people police approaching people who they suspected may have a have a reasonable suspicion. Bishen of having a firearm. You could check to see if they in fact did highly controversial on the political left and always defended by Mike Bloomberg in offers but now he says he actually should have ended it much sooner than he did. This is discouraging to me. I mean I agree with you that this is probably probably a a reason to believe that he is going to jump into the race when you start apologizing to the democratic electorate for things you have done in the past. It usually usually as a sign that you are preparing your pathway but you know one of the things..

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