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This week make sure you get a copy the Maga- doctrine it is doing quite well. We are trending nicely. We want to get on that New York Times bestseller list so with your help. You guys buy a copy we can get on the New York Times bestseller list and go back in the Charlie Kirk Show. Archives couple episodes previous. You'll hear a pretty awesome conversation with Ben Johnson from turning point USA. So make sure you do that. Maga- doctrine M. A. G. A. Doctrine. Get your copy today. Today we are going to air an exclusive conversation that I had with my dear friend Rob McCoy about Christianity about politics about what Christians should do in the political sphere. If you're an atheist or agnostic I think you'll love this conversation as well. It is something that the people that heard this. Conversations was one of the best one of the most exciting had a lot of energy and a lot of thought provoking questions. So this was that Jack hibs church. Cavalry Chapel Chino Hills. Great friend of mine. Enjoy this episode. Where we give you unfiltered unedited me addressing thousands of people with my friend. Rob McCoy here on the Charlie Kirk. Show BUCKLE UP. Enjoy it here. We Go Charlie. What you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk on the college campus. Won't you know we are lucky to have Charlie Charlie curbs running the White House folks? I WANNA thank Joe. He's an incredible guy his spirit his love of this country. He's done an amazing job Building one of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning point. Usa. He will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are an amazing mentor to me. Personally and It's incredible to see how you pastors. Have courage in this broken culture and Jack and Rob or two of them and when I visit some of these churches and I confront some of these pastors as lovingly as I can. I say what's it going to take? Is it going to take four thousand abortions a day for you to speak up is it? GonNa Take Drag Queen Story Hour for three year olds for you just to speak up. Is it going to take for them for the church? Totally shut down for you to speak up and I WANNA. Where's the line that's going to be crossed for? Unfortunately there's two ways to organize the thinking of it which is part of the church is basically. They're silent because they don't know how to react and they've been taught that Christianity and the church should be absent of politics which is wrong. It is incorrect. The other part is and there's a faction of this which is they're complicit in it is that they believe in a almost a Christian Marxist worldview and they can flate wrongly the teachings of love and tolerance of Sin and they inflate them in a in a very dangerous way in an example. Would be where you see. You know some of these churches come out and they say without saying any names and some pastors and they say well it's not our position to take a stance on life or abortion and I ask myself what on Earth would you take a stance on if anything then. You are the moral center of a community. And if you can't take it very simple stand of when human life begins. Why should we trust you with anything else? From that point forward at all Charlie our founders gave us the seven articles of the US Constitution. And it's interesting that it begins with the preamble that declares the sovereign in America is and every nation has a sovereign in America. The sovereign is the first three words. Preamble we the people but every sovereign needs a counselor. The president has his Cabinet Right. Kings have their counselors. Our founders understood after they gave us a seven articles of the constitution. That didn't give us any right to protect the rights given to us by God and then they gave us the counselor the First Amendment Freedom of speech freedom of the press freedom of religion the freedom to peaceably assemble for right of redress of grievances against the government and the ideas. The pulpits are supposed to be the counselor to the king. You and if the press is bought in the pulpits are silent. The king is in trouble and I am so grateful. You have a wonderful wonderful counselor. Not only Jesus but yet pastor Jack I meant and what we have to look at the other side leftism if you will for lack of a better term as a religion and they view it as a religion and California is perfect test. Case of what happens when this religion goes unchecked. We don't view it when we have to view this as a sinister force that will deconstruct a culture or a state. I want you to think about this for a second. The left takes the welfare state. They take abortion funding as seriously as a devout Jew. We'll take Yom Kippur if you dare take away. Abortion funding to a leftist. They will protest. They will barks in the streets as if you were GONNA take a religious for religious. Do the whole religious. Judah holiest day of the year out of their capacity do what they view this religiously and so then I. I'M JUST AMAZED INSPIRED BY CHURCHES. Such as this and they're starting to pop but more and more because it's going to be the church which I believe is the sleeping giant in this country. That will be awakened actually fixed. It and I'm amazed at how pastors will get up. And they will give great terrific sermons on salvation and eternal eternal damnation or eternal salvation. And they won't care about if they're offending anyone about their eternity but when it comes to men who think they are women participating in high school sports that's way to political that's something that we can't take a stance on you know. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and Palatine. High School was the kind of the poster child for this entire transgender nonesense debate. Where a man who thought he was a woman one and access to the female locker room and it was lawsuits three years of lawsuits and the church was silence now. The church in the local area did not participate in school board races in the mayor election. The state REP races and eventually through lawsuits and the capitulation of the school board. This man who thinks he was a woman is now allowed to go into the female locker room. Now it takes us in the past. Rob Can tell us what a couple of chapters before. God says and he created man and woman. It's not that complicated. It's basically as simple. When did when did the church become the defenders of science and two genders? There's GonNa Laugh at that. Thank you and there are only two. Genders biologically realistically spiritually and theologically. It takes if you believe there are more than two genders. You must have a doctorate degree from a California University. So you must be taught that it's not self self cheery and but what? What is the goal of the modern left and I hope this can make sense for everyone here? The boil it down as simple as this. There's one side that wants to create chaos and one side that wants to bring order from the chaos everything the left does seats to create more chaos open borders create chaos by definition creating racial tension creates chaos having people confused about their gender from a young age creates chaos. And what's happening more times than not? And here's the good news. I can delivered all you visit. These campuses is when young people have lived in a decade of chaos from age eighteen of not being sure what gender they're supposed to pick not sure if there's a god at all whatsoever all of a sudden. There's a need for awakening and revival. Burt and a rebirth. And you've seen some really good signs and indications of this and guess what we have these answers because our book the Holy Word of God is the same as today as it was two thousand years ago and we have the. It'll be two thousand years from today. It'll be exactly the same is that I. There was the word the word tells us. How many genders there are how to interact with our government. How we interact in marriage how we should interact civilly and yet immigration immigration borders rule of law sovereignty. If you ask a leftist what is your reference point every single one of them will give you a different answer well they might say it's the communist manifesto they might say it's the Rachel maddow show. They might say they might say it's NPR they might say it's the La Times where if you if you think about it if they do not have a central reference point like the word..

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