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So one extra one day until next monday the one one episode a day of ops oris each episode different interview with developers designers up makers creators and folks who we know from the us up and gain community is going to be super fun and we we spent a lot of time doing these interviews and asking questions that we really want to dig deep into the conversation with these these folks and it's it's been a blast to really am super excited for people to start listening to these episodes we've been recording those episodes now for several weeks getting ready for this big day and it's very exciting to have them finally going out there are going to be as we as federico so they're gonna be six extra episodes but don't feel the pressure that you have to listen to them all at once these are the kind of things that are are somewhat evergreen because they're about the last ten years of the app store and i'll tell mexico so we will take a similar approach of there will be i believe around ten stories from monday to sunday so starting today for entire week there will be a selection of soyuz from the entire team from ryan alex john stephen akina stephen accurate and knee and there would be stories about different different aspects of the app sir and the an app culture and the he serie of the app store and the impact of apps on our lives of we've been planning this story again for months you gotta expect one to two stories on the site daily and there were also be post with a collection of all the absorbs episodes that will be updated throughout the course of the week so that you can choose to listen you're bacchus client or you.

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