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Cooper. Now. Mario Cooper is much younger than they got not much younger but considerably younger than the wide receivers. We saw traded today. But what did they get to marry his Thomas? What was that fourth round four thousand seven tape? Golden Tate, a third they just and just say have on their face. Not even a week after making that Amari, Cooper, trader ready, and it stinks. Well, Mark Cooper is a better player than golden Mary's, Tom. Yeah. And you know, he's younger he's under contract longer than we've go paid. He was a fourth player picked in the draft just a few years ago. And he he's been in a rut in Oakland bike most players that wind up in Oakland getting to run after a while. And I think he I think he was worth the risk. You know, certainly rather not give them more and pick. But from what I'm told he certainly better than any receiver. They could have got in the draft next year now where you can question then is passing on Calvin Ridley in the draft this year, right? People waiting Vandereycken the linebacker who has become a very good player and they need him. Because surely he's playing wings always heard. But you know, Kevin Ridley is is was taken by the falcons, eight spots later by your team that already had Julio Jones and. He's having a great season. So if Amari Cooper can put up big numbers, then then it was worth it. If he turns out to be, you know, ROY Williams or joint Galloway, which the Cowboys paid big more than they do the one of them worked out, then they'll be another mistake. But he's only twenty four twenty five years old. He staff he's got good hands. He got a glowing report when the Cowboys resort starts on his character analysis the question of conduct get on the ball. Right. Yeah. And I I just I look at it in terms of other teams what they offered. And then it's come out that five GM's offered nothing better than a second round pick. And write it just drives me crazy. But but the one saving grace is that I'm not a big Jason Garrett fan. And I think this is a shit or get off the pot moment for him. I think this is Jerry Jones saying, hey, we can zigzag to an eight eight season which are kind of looks like they're doing or we can make the playoffs and put this on Garrett as this is the last call for you, do you do you sense? That at all. Or do you think he has a car blonde? Do you think he's he's good for two three more years? No, I think that I think the fans in Dallas are pretty fed up, and I spent a week there a couple of weeks ago doing a book tour, and I really and this is right after no was right before that they lost Washington..

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