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But i was really kind of bummed that he didn't know i thought yeah i kinda actually was i was really surprised on that one he was a grocery store i'm not going to say slide into your dm's i was gonna say something about melons and her melons weren't big enough no oh yeah just getting stupid the joke you were gonna make gonna say you he can come and touch your melon yet yeah you should have just said it do you know what podcast for kinda lighten up late night enough drink that palm bay over there hey it's pretty good yes wait don't say that i said pompey pay me amy palm bay anyways okay who else chicken suit chris he got a rose he got a rose blake blake blake blake blake came in on the ox came in on the horse of i'm like okay no what now with the we get it you're overcompensating okay you brought in the horse and an ox now inox but i do kind of like them i like them together yeah you'll be top three okay yes what these bold statements serious i gotta make got into what i wanna do a pool but you can't do that on night one you've got to have at least one more episode but i'm saying blake top three blake garrett garrett colton colton and oh can we talk about langley and he was the one he called him area at the end.

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