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I mean, they loved him. They couldn't have loved him anymore, but you never know until you watch them play. This reminds me a little bit back in like thirteen and fourteen with the Golden State Warriors. It was just the perfect combination of players at the perfect time, and obviously Steph vaulted into this all time, great player. And then once Steve Kerr came around, it was just the perfect combination of everything. That's kind of what this is. Mahomes Tarik hill, Kelsey, look, how good Sammy Watkins looked with Andy Reid. It's just the ultimate combination in a league now that where the reference and the way it's officiated benefit offense of players. It's just the ultimate combination now. I mean, how's this team not going to dominate the league now for the next several years, I, it's pretty special and this quarterback. I don't think it's high personally or whatever overstating it to just he's a superstar. You know, you just have to watch him play two series. He just can do things that other players cannot do. Andy is arguably the best offense coach in the league. I gotta ask you one more question. Jared. Goff was at Cal, and I said, what I always do with a quarterback. I give you a high in a low. I said, is high prototype is Brady as low as Matt Ryan. I do think he throws a really nice football. He took a beating at Cal for years, and I'm watching them right now, and it's easy to like Todd Gurley, and it's easy to like that defense. But I gotta tell you John. When I watch Jared Goff one of my rules on pro athletes, do they make it look easy? You know, Michael Jordan, there were a lot of six, six guys in the league. He made it look easy. I watched Jared Goff yesterday. Day he made some sensational throws credible. He's the most. There's no headlines. He doesn't talk. He's he's, he's literally nondescript. He's Andrew luck here in Los Angeles. You never hear him. Did we under? He was a number one pick, but is he better than you thought he would be. Yeah, a little bit and I liked him. I think his greatest attribute is he's kind of California cool, very low key, not a attention seeker. He doesn't have the greatest arm, but he's really accurate in -ticipant. It's very well. And he just a great teammate. I mean, I follow him on social media. He's always hanging out with the tight end or he's over at Whitworth house for dinner. You know, I'm booked for those things. I think people in the league do clearly McVeigh and you know people around the Rams when you are beloved by teammates, and they will just go to war for you, and you're a good player. You start taking steps and they have so much talent around them. I, he'd be a Pro Bowl or right away, but he is playing. He's gotten remarkably better. I mean that I just throw that thing away, but even from last year when he was good. Yeah. So what he's doing right now, you'd have to say his ceiling looks, you know, when you look back at Matt Ryan, like you saying that cop, maybe like two or three years in the league, you kind of knew that could only do so much. Yeah, he got off, you see so many of these guys, their arm gets a little stronger as their career progresses because of the training regiments. Now you have to buy, you'd be crazy not to buy stock in Jared Goff right now, host of the three and our podcast on my her network, former NFL scout the athletic as well. Love is stuff. John middlekauff. Good talking to you, bud. See column have good one. Yeah. The Rams are interesting because of McVeigh's brilliance and Todd Gurley. They've got so many stars. There's a sense that anybody could drive this bus. He made a throw yesterday. I'm watching the game on TV. It was. It was the closest sideline to me. It was the best throw of seen by an NFL player this year. It was. He threw a seed over a corner in front of a safety. The box was about this big and it was thirty four yards and it was perfect. His dad was a major league baseball player is not a big talker. John Guliani joke in Los Angeles. I mean, he could walk through a mall, nobody cares. I have a friend jed fish coaches on the staff. He said he's bigger than you think in person..

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