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In West Tennessee you're on edge as a thirties look for in skate inmate after prison employee was found dead here's more from correspondent John Lawrence a manhunt is on for Curtis ray Watson the forty four year old escape the West Tennessee state penitentiary Wednesday Tony Parker the commissioner of the state's department of corrections has Watson was discovered missing after a long time corrections official was found dead performance dryer Deborah Johnson was found in her residence deceased at the West Tennessee state penitentiary there was indication in her residence that file play was involved Johnson's career with the state's department of corrections started in January nineteen eighty one Mr Johnson served in numerous positions in the department of corrections across the state including correctional sergeant Dave the warden warden and most recently as a correctional ministry for the west region after Johnson's body was found Wednesday morning a prison lockdown went into a fact and that's when officials noticed Watson was gone rest assured that we will find this offender and bring justice to the family of Deborah jobs Watson was serving a fifteen year sentence for a specially aggravated kidnapping is current sentence was set to expire in twenty twenty five I'm John Lawrence we'll check the roadways with mark Nieto coming up with that major problem in the south San Jose that's coming up in just a few moments on KGO a ten when news happens there are calls in both el Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio for president trump to cancel his visits there today with the story and talk about it on KGO eight ten travel advice from to bring this woman is a breath so she went to the UK and she goes I am followed you for a few days was applying for a visa to come to the US for my waivers for the clients really took me off there the check your social media so if you're gonna go to England don't follow me on Instagram or Twitter because I don't want to be the reason that you can't get past customs this led to Frank apparently people a few now works of custom CPT case it might not three to six on KGO eight ten if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business meet Evan Goldberg founder of net sweet I had to learn that the hard way with my first company that's why I started net sweet I needed to see everything that was going on with my business in one place so we built the world's first cloud business system and after twenty years over sixteen thousand companies run their businesses on that sweet everything you need to keep growing is in one place financials HR commerce customer info and more net sweet gives you the visibility and control you need to make smart decisions and grow with confidence that's why companies.

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