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Hi temperatures for your Sunday the upper seventies to the mid eighties for the South Sound, a meteorologist Debia County, the couple Weather center. We're getting reaction to the death of civil rights icon John Lewis. Seattle Police chief Carmen Best says his legacy inspires her to promote justice and reform for a better world country, State City and Seattle Police Department. And Congresswoman from Elegy, Paul says from sitting in at lunch counters to riding for freedom across the deep South From crossing that bridge in Selma to walking these halls in Congress, John Lewis was a true American hero who never stopped fighting for what is right. The legacy of civil rights giant John Lewis's leaving a lasting impact on Western Washington. Cuomo, Suzanne Francaise, many local leaders are remembering the remarkable man on Twitter, the president of the University of Washington, shared this photo of herself hugging Lewis. She tweeted so sad to hear the passing of represented John Lewis. He defines what patriotism really means a true hero. Some applaud Lewis for fighting for civil rights until the end of his life to the end of his 80 years. He was in this fight, and then they're to represent everybody. But certainly the Black lives matter Movement Senator Maria Cantwell shared on Twitter this statement. We've lost a civil rights icon at a time The country greatly needs him. She went on to say John Lewis spent his entire life fighting for justice and equality. Now it's up to us to carry it on. And Mayor Dirk and Tweeted. America's lost a hero and the conscience of our country. Generations are indebted his life of service. Rest in power. Suzanne Fawn communists. Fellow civil rights leader CT. Vivian died on the same day as John Lewis Vivian was also a friend and confidante of MLK, who later went on to receive the presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama. Vivian helped organize freedom rides to integrate buses in the south. His work helped pave the way for other civil rights protests. Vivian was 95 years old. Protests continue in Portland, the unrest taking place since the death of George Floyd. Now federal officers have come into the West Coast City, some saying it's adding to the tensions. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tells ABC how he plans to take control of this city. We get rid of the Fed's number to contain and deescalate the situation. Number three. We clean up downtown and number for the open up for business. Mayor Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown have asked the feds to leave, saying they are making things worse. A man and Tom Water is facing charges for pulling a gun on a guy in.

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