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Those savage nation obama was uber lewis reagan eumerus hadas a mirth to his eyes that's why although reagan was not liked by liberals not his polish when like they liked him because he had a great sense of humor and they liked that as a man and this is what's missing with donald trump he doesn't understand that the people after like him as a man in order to like his politics michael savage a host like no other the savage nation weeknights at nine on news radio one two nine karn reporter's notebook this is andrew cho less than a hundred and fifty days into his presidency donald trump reportedly is being investigated for obstruction of justice by special counsel robert muller the white house in its republican allies can circulate all the talking points they want about how unjust and unseemly at all is but moeller has deep republican ties and broad respect among lawmakers on capitol hill who ultimately will determine the president's fate he asked the president can't get rid of moller but only by firing rod rosenstein the deputy attorney general another career law enforcement official with strong support among congressional republicans but as the president going to fire his senior national security advisers to the ones who reportedly we are going to talk to motor as part of his investigation now what does it terni general jeff sessions going to do about any of this he wasn't even asked on tuesday if he would resign if muller were fired this scandal is gaining in strength and speed so it promises to be a long hot summer especially for the white house andrew cohen cbs news hmm that's goodclearwater dot com fresh start your radio i'm chris counts i'll have traffic reports every ten minutes tomorrow morning during first news with kevin miller on news radio one or two nine karn america's most powerful conservative voice the mark levin show.

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