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That's right and that's true like probably that's what I found out that they like people willing to train you seeing us so this is what happened. Component people wanted to train. They did show that we are such a huge brand. You know I mean. Of course it's changes but still we are like pioneer. Are you near in on this market. So we WE ARE BMA here in Poland. You know we have like ninety five percent of the market We'd be definitely. Could I ask your purses compared to the other European organizations and maybe even to the UFC you your highest paid fighters. What are they making us? Okay I mean you know more than the million more than a million badly. AH The bay tech you know right now. Of course for the top the top fighter like it and You know typical big event. How much are you generating contel my friends? I know that this is a sexy Information but this is something we are avoiding too long. Then let's keep it. I mean because there's no a law or there is no there there is no culture say I don't have to do it right. Okay why should I tell you know. Because he's always bring Stein those crazy crazy emotion to the people. I know that that's what I said the sex thing formation but I know they're not for example in the US You need to tell unclear how much you earn all much. Of course all these Financial Institution new volunteers. They know exactly. Because you know we all know my country entry but we don't tell it publicly and fighting doesn't tell how much they earn so you don't have to tell how much they earn either and also just like I think so I mean you know just compare to compare there were. There were a couple of cases that some of our fighters refuses USC history contract. Because of the money. I mean they lowered the mummy Khalil. And that was just because of the money. So we should sell you or I'll give you the onset that We pay money by the then. USC of course in some cases because he's like for example. Mari Split Down Those Steve The fifth on strong a Strongest men means the world. That would be over here but probably for you. He's maybe worse I don't know then thousands doors you know and he's could you say confidently compared to the other European organizations that you guys are the most successful in cage warriors Bella Tours doing you. You know European series. There was Bama back in the day. Like do you think that you are the most successful European based promotion right now. I would say Jason but I would rather ask you. Are you see that. Well I don't see the number is I don't see the figures but you're events certainly are a massive you know like the spectacle is incredible. I love the pageantry like I said I loved the the ring announcer that you have and how different everything is. I love that it has a little bit of pride to it as well. I guess the question and I'm wondering is forget Europe. Do you have plans to come to the United States to expand and put on events here. Yeah just let me on so the question because I think comparing engaged with the ballots and cage warriors. We are the only one I mean. Compared with the cage warriors we keeping finance you know in our team and we are four we can afford to pay them That's one thing. The problem with those two players. I think that sending purview. We we do celebrate. There'd be Reduced Vapor View in more than ninety two countries. So this is something which also gives you the The image of of of. Ah this show. We are doing the show every hour show every each hour show Is around ten thousand people. Of course we're doing some things eight something slow. Sometimes sometime Flinty but everage is ten thousand nine ballots nine cage warriors. Done doing that show and we can name a couple other promotions. She's so this shows how successful we all. Of course I didn't line this comparison in the sense. Because I'm working with these guy but you know in terms of business this. I think it depends on what you're comparing yourselves we need. You know the number of the events in Europe probably bellotto each week but we know the numbers of audience. We are winning. Definitely you know so it depends on what you are taking on the consideration and about your views are you selling on average could ask that no one hundred thousand more than the folks four hundred. No no no no everage. Yeah we might. We might say that. That's just like I know everage. Okay what did this way. All right fair enough yeah so about the UFC USA case W. Anyway there is a plan I have planned. But it's just that would be. Yeah show like in vary owning. Say That for the Polish crowd just because I know that we have police stars and they might be very attractive. Full all police from anywhere. That's why I just oh and I know I'm really think that's what they said that the USA is home for me. You have seen in Balata any will be hard to compete so it would be more like you know. We're going to play the Russian road coach for Polish community any team USA. That's how I see won't be my second third or even home. Okay W we generating revenue immune from but because of time and you know those huge players like they don't pay fellow is growing very nicely so so You guys got huge. Some senators out there so it would be more like Amri for you. I was going to show that we are alive still alive yes while you're doing a great job like I said It has been a lot of fun watching the rise of cased. Most of you and I always get excited when you have one of your shows because it's just different and It's it feels new and fresh but it also reminds me of the old days of pride back in Japan Dan. You've produced a lot of great fighters names like Karleena Koehler cabbage. We saw recently. Yon Behove it's with a big win over Jacques. Ray Produce a lot of Polish fighter's and you've given the opportunity for some other fighters to get opportunities to continue their careers and reinvent themselves. People like Scott Asham and and Norman Park and of course as you mentioned Mary's pushing Ascii the world's strongest man. And you've got the Great Mama collie coming back on December seventh as well. I'm looking forward to that. Is Case of you. Fifty two going down in Poland. And that's a big main event. Vent ask him against Khalaf so I WanNa wish you the best. This was a lot of fun. Martin I really appreciate it and I appreciate you explaining what you guys do. What makes it so special and I wanna I wanna wish you all continued success and hopefully we'll be able to see you here in the United States in the near future as well? Yes I'll be back from next year. But not with the show show by myself for fighters only awards probably yes. I know you're proud of that nomination and I hope you do get another one. Yeah thank you very much. I'm glad to hear and talking at a chance to think that you could take them anytime. We'll talk to you soon. Various Areas Martin Levin doffs key the CO founder and CEO of chaos. W so that's the the promoter side of things and of course there are many different promoters working king inevitably these days. Like I said I mentioned some of those promotions as you have seen the most dominant one we talk about them a lot. We talk about them as well cage warriors. PF L. But I really was curious about this case W. promotion which doesn't get enough attention here in the United States because they are doing a lot of their business in Poland but they really do deserve a lot of that credit. They've had a phenomenal almost year. And they're putting on a massive shows over there if you haven't had a chance to watch him December seventh next week. During the day it will not coincide with U. OF C. event. I suggest you check them out because they really do put on a great event so like I said that's the promotion side of things in a moment. We'll we'll talk to someone who's involved in the managerial side of things before we get to that. Let's pay some of our own bills. Let me tell you about our good friends.

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