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I'm letting what happened. Thanks for listening to this week in history on my heart radio. Boys. Basketball, Regional groupings. Air L Plus Girls Basketball playoffs begin. I'm Norbert Durst. And this is a with sports dot net minute brought to you by Vienna in sports dot net more high school sports news After this as the official software provider for nearly 3000 high schools across the country, viene en knows it's been a different kind of year. And while the game hasn't changed your school's needs have if you're in athletics administrator, it's more important now than ever to go digital and make sure parents athletes and fans have all the information they need to feel safe up to date and connected to your high school. Sports programs, a website digital ticketing fundraising live streaming social Media sync viene en does it all to make your life easier. Check out the new necessities for the new normal at Vienna in sports dot net boys basketball CD means were held this past weekend in the Wi A announced the regional groupings on Sunday. Head over to with sports dinette to check out the brackets and more information on this year's playoffs. Another boy's basketball news so short junior corn Nelson dropped 50 points in a 72 2 53 win over Ashland on Saturday. Nelson went 10 for 19 from behind the arc and made 10 of 14 free throws. Moving two girls basketball wi A regional plague gets underway on Tuesday across the state with 108 games, check out with sports dot net for the schedule breakdowns and more on all five divisions. 16 selector the postseason with undefeated records and girls basketball. They include a quietness Blackhawk Bond. Well, Hudson Unity and Winnebago, Lew, third. While called, has won its last 71 games, which is the third longest winning streak in girls basketball state history. Blindness, has the second longest active streak. The blue golds are writing a 32 game winning streak and haven't lost a game to an in state opponent since fall into Howard's Grove in the 2017 Division for state championship game. This has been with sports dot net minute check us out online with sports dot net. Hi. I'm Bill and I'm Mike. We've been friends since second grade, and nearly 20. Years ago we started universal windows direct. You could call us now it 4142 nights, 6 to 848 and pay nothing for two years and you'll be saying I love my windows the Virginia Department of Health Thanks to you for wearing a mask for showing that you care about reducing the spread of covert 19..

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