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Okay good day while the great white north on bob mackenzie this my brother dog how's it going wool did you hear about what you can tell okay here about the guy who like was over the beeri went drink and then to the stupid thing looking in the bottle and well there's real real mouths well i guess it was dead right drown for your and drunk to head a smile on its face say died drunk driving but you know what the guy got tell them a whole case of beer right so our topic today is how to stuff amounts into a beer bottle without without breaking it right so that they'll look at it and give you case and not thinking hosting by by deliberately stuffing one any it's like ship building in a bottle okay you mentioned dave thomas that was dave thomas and rick moranis playing the infamous bob and doug mckenzie on tv i recently learned to to my surprise that those two characters came about as kind of time crunched response to a demand for more ken kahn the network wanted was actually cbc because we eventually ended up on the cbc after a you know two or three years of being on global and tv and edmonton and the cbc's suggested to me that the show needed some sort of canadian content which sort of did make a lot of sense because it aiding content show all the actors in canada it's correct literally did you won't mounties as or you know back bacon one guy does that mean so i took that frustration back to the writer's room and dave and rick believe happened to be there and they quickly came up with bob and doug mckenzie and it became you're right a two minute filler and in the us in the us at i was not particularly you know didn't think it was that they couldn't get it you know on nbc that we stuck with it and obviously what happened is became a phenomenon and a movie and record album you know quite extraordinary and you bring up the us setv was the first canadian.

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