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Boston's NewsRadio four zero nine at least two deaths are confirmed during mass demonstrations on the border between Israel, and the HAMAs ruled Gaza Strip where tensions remain high. Israeli troops fired tear gas as thousands of Palestinians demonstrated on the Gaza border to Mark the one year anniversary of weekly protests there how Estonians are demanding an end to a crippling Israeli blockade and Israel is operating concessions as part of Egypt's efforts for a ceasefire. Robert, burgers, CBS news Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Morocco's King meeting with pope Francis is urging stronger Muslim-Christian ties is calling for more religious, Donald and says education is the answer to extremism, creating pope Francis on the pontiff's tobacco. King says challenging times a facing the wills religious community. I require Donald for the sake of the future, and that of the coming generations leading segments of his speech in various languages. The king said we need to tackle new ills which feed on tree adding that all terrorists have in common. Religion. But rather ignorance of religion, I'm charlesetta desma tragedy strikes. The Illinois state police again for the third time this year the second time this week. A trooper has been struck and killed on the state's roadways Thirty-six-year-old. Gerald Ellis was killed when his police cruiser was struck by a wrong way driver at I ninety four and suburban Chicago driver also died, it's the first time in sixty six years. Three troopers have been killed in a year and April is yet to began. Shawn Balint, ABC news, Springfield, Illinois. It's four eleven time. For a check on sports. Here's Joel stern in Seattle. The Red Sox looked to keep it going against the Mariners as the series continues out west. It'll be Rodriguez in the mount against Mike leake Boston came back from six to four to win seven six on Mitch Moreland. Three run Homer on Friday, Celtics, Indiana, currently tied for fourth in the east at forty five and thirty one but Boston is the tiebreaker based on the Friday win over the pay. As IRS next to the game in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, the patient's host Orlando Brad Marchand closing in on one hundred points. He'd be the first Berlin since Joe Thornton. Oh, two. Oh, three to pull that off. It'll be the Bruins hosting the Florida Panthers for a trip to the frozen four. Umass will take on Notre Dame and their international will play Denver..

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