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Cousins just center rose and Melissa Smith had been inseparable since childhood the two goals but just one year apart in age and grew up close to one another in the small town of book located in Central Northern New South Wales. . Just Cinta who was the younger of the two was better known by her nickname of Cindy. . Shea was born on October twenty, , three, , nineteen, , seventy two and was the youngest of seven children with four brothers and two sisters. . Cindy lived with her mother Yona don't Smith and her siblings in a house on the east side of town. . She was often looked after her brother Loyd who was seven years her senior. . Mona Lisa's family resided on an aboriginal reserve. . Now, , the L. Said Woods village, , which was like I did about two and a half kilometers west of Burke. . Known by locals as the reserve the yellow said Woods village consisted of twenty cottages which were run down and overcrowded. . It was entirely populated by indigenous Australians from two families, , the Edwards and the smiths. . Siblings cousins, , and other extended family members lived side by side and the close community provided a sense of safety and belonging to its residence. . Nine. . Lisa was born on November twenty, , nine, , Nineteen seventy-one to parents June Smith, , and dougie shillings worth. . On the nausea was born have father had walked to Burke Hospital to visit June and their newborn singing. . Nat King. Cole's . Song of Mine Ole saw the entire. . This led the couple to name their baby goal after the famous song. . They also had another daughter Fiona and four sons. . Dougie held big dreams for all of these children hoping that they would have good jobs and delayed successful lives. . The close knit family spent their evenings together, , dancing and singing. . But when Mona Lisa was just six years awed Dougy Center, , a heart attack and Pasta way. . Cindy and Moaner attended primary school together before enrolling at the same high. School. . . They were both happy go lucky popula conned and dwell locked. . Cindy was the nurturing top taking on babysitting Judy's and caring for her younger cousins when needed. . Minor roles. So . babysat her cousins and was sporty playing regularly Internet Bolton. . When Cindy was in her early teens she left high school and Moan followed suit at the end of nineteen ninety seven when she was sixteen years old. . Cindy. . who was now fifth Dane often travelled the short distance to the reserve to spend time with no nine her family. . The two goals occasionally got up to mischief together, , but they will well behaved and widely regarded as good kids. . Because there wasn't a lot to do in Burke, , which was a remote ap Bac town, , they would spend their time hanging out with friends visiting pox and swimming and fishing at the nearby darling. . River. . On Saturday December five, , nine, , hundred, , ninety, , seven, , Cindy. . Dimona spent the day together and accompanied one of their aunties to a nearby park. . By the time evening fell. . The two of them had decided to go into town. . Burke was a small town with a population of just three, , thousand, , four, , hundred paypal. . It was originally home to the Nimba people, , but when Watt settlers arrived in the area during the mid eighteen hundreds as traditional landholders would dispossessed. . Lock old indigenous people across. . Australia. . The Nimba paypal battled loss of land and culture were hit hod by European disease and experienced conflict with colonists. . By the late nineteen, , th century, , their population had dwindled. . While some continued to live a traditional lifestyle in the region surrounding book others found employment on nearby. . CADDO stations. .

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