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Way of naturally finding a way to be in each other's shoes like oh look at that guy oh look we're in that oh that raiders tshirt alma raiders fan not yet but you're you're having this internal dialogue with these people and yes sometimes you're like projecting you know shit onto them and by looking that big hair lady or whatever you know but you're you're having an a human encounter on some level and we're social beings this is ancient hard wiring this is not hard wiring that even has caught up to like ten thousand years ago like this is ancient fucking wiring here and we need certain social cues and certain things i i tweeted this morning about this that we're like defending social media which people do when i always start to talk about this and i say and they say oh but what is i can talk to this person here in connection i said yes yes yes yes i've met great friends there's media and we are not hard hardwired for the quantity of interactions and the amount of information coming into our brains so what happens is and i've been studying a lot about this is that we get into this dopamine loop with it and it's like heroin it just is the brain doesn't know any better the brain just says i need that thing again i need that thing again i need that thing again and if you don't teach yourself to slow that down or to be able to at least witness it from afar and go oh look there's my hand grabbing for the phone again or why am i feeling so anxious oh because i haven't checked my email in three hours or whatever it is and you learn to watch yourself and he learned to see the queues of it and then you go and then he learned to sit with it and notice that i don't know you know you'd get the urge to pick up the phone and then you'd watch it and then five minutes later you're onto something else you don't you didn't really need the phone in your hand the whole time and so.

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