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We had a lot. We're talking about here. We go and real quick real. Mvp once again beach wrong with you for for being brave and doing what you're doing to recount your story from people second one that i got here. I'm not going to happen it too much. But ernie johnson is His son passed away but teased. His son was special. Needs and everything like that. I died young to things like thirty three And so but earn an espn sixty thing about him of how he takes care of his son everything and of course you know tribute and stuff with The guys on On tnt and would they talk about it. You know in during the show out blessed outcry churkin shack and and kenny. So they were. They're talking about that. And ernie jones has been because of this massive and great advocate for special needs children. And everything like that. So that's We love her own. Yeah the on twitter to people were like. I would not accept any snowfalls there. I don't think any single. Nba fan dislikes already johnson. So there you go all right. So that's real mvp and a c. Andrews i here so not really much on the college football but looking yeah. We'll we'll we'll just pop into the. Nfl would sco there. let's let's do. let's do it all right. Charles we're not gonna get. I'm no no we gotta we gotta leave our find. We'll start with you. Know what marinade marinade all right. Funnier there okay. So nfl week. Eight charges of fraud charges fraud claims. He was was fraudulent real. They could win it and it still be Damn the chiefs game exactly. Yeah exactly The saints gave up everything just to be the box. That is a pure tony stark moment for. Yeah yeah you know. Good on them for them. But but at what cost at. Trevor simian is the cost at what cost. And i told my buddy. He's and he hates cam. Newton of like you're gonna get cam at trevor. Siemian train cannot last forever. I was just perplexed. The cameras nap job or tastes hill. Who still come back that concussion. Type thing like. That's what i always can have a backup to your backup. But now man as roughing. You had michael thomas either because now he's out because debates ankle injury so he's like we're just gonna trade on a lake trail you'll get some value with. It's it's a shame because that defense strong errors good. so there's that already mentioned the affirmation dolphins i. I hate them. The new york jets beat the bengals. Mike why beat the bengals. Yeah with tyler. Johnson beatles angles to know. How does that feel knowing that you a second round pick is a game changer because there was a second round pick that got traded away from the broncos to the rams in bonn miller and he has a legacy in corson. Zach wilson who on paper look bad every single day and you can only go rookie so long to me gentlemen and ladies and then you just get Thoughts come back to me. And then you just get mike white from western kentucky Just put up for yards. Make an offensive maybe bengals ventures had a bat. I'll give bengals defense has a bad day If they were given three. And here's the thing about mike white. Afc north teams are definitely inconsistent enough to have games like that. So yeah yeah loss..

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