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KF. Okay. Mark stein. On the excellence in broadcasting network rush. Did one of the hours like these everybody likes to be able to do these things the other day? He did what are these rush? I told you so Addy played a little clip of himself from two years ago. I think it was about a week after the two thousand sixteen election so soda mid November. And he was talking about what they were going to do to the incoming president. And they were absolutely absolutely. He was absolutely right about that. And again for the reason you have this three month transfer of power in the course of which they set in motion all the little things they were able to do to sew the seeds of the destruction of people around the president. But one thing I thought was actually a rush himself didn't didn't say much about when he played this clip. But it was actually quite important. Rush said this is like mid November twenty state it's going to be really important. For Trump to have people just like him surrounding him. And that is fighters people who are fearless. Who will not be daunted by this onslaught that's coming and rush was right in two respects, the onslaught walls coming but also it was critical for him to have people around him who are fighters. General Flynn was one of those fighters he was someone who was fearless and who had radical and transformative policies that he wished to enact so Komi, you isn't elected by anybody Comey and McCabe who is an elected by anybody sent Peter Struck who is an elected by anybody. They sent struck in to take Flynn out this Foudy, I think this thirty five thousand employees in the FBI. But this Peter Struck guys like the Forrest Gump of the FBI. He's the Zely of the FBI. He's that. At everything he's the one doing the Hillary investigation. He's the one who goes in and takes out, Michael Flynn. And then he's the one who moves on to work for the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation. Thirty five thousand guys in the FBI. But pizzas struck gets every gig. That matters. I don't know why that is just saying if I were this judge tomorrow who's going to be deciding whether Michael Flynn gets any rest of his life to enjoy. I would be would be struck to coin what by things like that. It's it doesn't pass the smell test. But it goes to what happened to the Trump administration from came in as a non politician, essentially an independent guy who happened to win the presidency. And so he didn't have five thousand people that he owed favors to and they owed favors to him to stop his administration with he basically when when I saw Trump backstage in Burlington, Vermont he had to people with he had hope Hicks, and he had Corey Lewandowski. Oh, and he also had some guy who die think made the quarterfinals.

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