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You check out Mah Bow jeans, ridiculously comfortable premium handcrafted genes that are made because you can buy them direct at a. Fair price point. And they have an awesome free home try on program. Bry you have them love them. I have I told you guys before I'm the guy that when I have a pair of Jean that it's like stylish cool and knew that I like I I wear them every day. I mean, like every time I wear jeans. It's my mind bowed jeans, period. I'm the same way I got to. So I love it. And by the way, if you're unsure between two way sizes. They offend them. Both to you. Right. So they send you both ways sizes. You try them on you send the one that doesn't work back. It's money. Really is awesome. Good ima- in bow dot com. That's M O T T A N D B O W dot com and use promo code Ross for fifteen percent off again. Mutt? And bow dot com. M O A N D B O W dot com. Use promo code Ross. You get fifteen percent off already very affordable and reasonable price. Especially for what you're getting. What an awesome show, I'm pumped. I really am. Daryl off skew was terrific. I love anytime. We get a chance to get their loved you on the show. I gotta get the interlock giddy gets a mutt. Unbowed jeans? He's fashionable. He knows the ICM on. I see him on get up. But I could talk to that guy all day. I swear they should just tell they should use ask me who's good in the media. And who isn't because I can tell them because I know and they are alive. Sqi is good love that conversation about golf Mahomes. It was awesome. We'll have another conversation tomorrow with Andrew Brandt. We always do. We'll also get into the fantasy feast and even money podcast. We'll have a few guests on no-shows shows more than likely so that you guys can get our first look at the Super Bowl as well. As look back at conference championships Sunday. On both of those shows other than that, you guys know the deal, please rate and review the show can't tell you how much that means when you guys do that, please, please, please, please please go ahead and do that. And then once you do it take a screen shot and

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