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Honestly? Love Him in there. Because I swear to you guys I think if we wouldn't have taken this drastic action like we did. I think he probably would not be with US anymore. So why did you come close to getting stuck it all with the bug cat or woods everything okay with that because a lot of mud have done they can get heavy and they get bogged down now. I I wasn't a lot of mud and we had some to like not too much forward but we had some would out there to suit it on in case they got to Thinki- but It worked out really good and you know it's funny like we're running this big machine right and like all of alligators would come and they would swim in and they'd be like what are they doing. They make lead get mad and the other one would come and be like. What are you guys doing? Leave like it's exciting for them to see something new happening out there you know how many other the guys out there right and guys who would be running a bobcat and if thousands of daters swam up to look at what you were doing out just run you know you're like just expect them to be there it is Kinda Crazy. I what else can we talk savannah? Can I ask a question? Yeah Okay I noticed. You changed your background to include a bunch of books Is this to make himself look smarter on the Ted Talk? This is my no. Actually I come to work early so I'm not at my house. I'm in the safety of is right now because I was like well. You got a bunch of books which does make you look smarter but you also have the Home Depot Book it in the background which is totally negates but back here. That says Oh. I don't even know what that mean. Would you during the break? You're you're telling until the to tell the story about shack you were telling during the break. Oh Yeah Yeah I think so. so You Know Shack love gave land right. He loves land in coming here for years with this family and stuff like that and So yesterday 'cause shock doesn't do anything unless it's the most fun in the world right. You deserve his live. Set up that everything is awesome and So yesterday I looked at my phone and there was a message from him in my instagram. There was like Joe Lopez harm. I won't take it back immediately. Like just a shop sent me a message. I was like well. Yeah that's the craziest thing ever do. Do you know who he actually says. Got His love impassioned. From animals from Mike Tyson he was placed and checked out his big cats and his animals and owners the greatest thing ever so I think you know like when Tyson was like you know the fact if you have animals wild and you able to tame them you got a month men and I think that that inspired him to be like well. It's it's so Alpha Alpha to have like the boss creatures in the world in your control and of course a part of the they show the Tiger King Shaquille O'Neal was in that and there's new news about About Carol Baskin's handwriting experts saying that the signature that was on the will was forged Two different Two different experts say To handwriting experts told him Amazon Uri newspaper they believe the signatures on. Don's will and the power of attorney were forged and that Carol Baskin's asked a woman to testify that she was there when dawn sign the will but she says that she wasn't there So that's newspapers Adam Missouri Missouri. So that's a more media outlets in Tampa Florida. They have is making national news now to handwriting. Experts claim that the The signatures on the will and the power attorney by Carol Baskin's missing husband. Don Luis were forged and that Louis with that I said. Wow that's crazy. 'cause yeah I was just GonNa bring up the same thing like shut new Joe Exotic and like a key you know he had gone out there and stuff like that and like. I don't know it's a really strange thing right now right. And she's selling masks now. She looks Gary. There's also another story. We're a Joe. Exotic has asked the president trump to to pardon him because he donated because he'd donate it to his campaign he's asked him to be pardoned by Donald Trump which is funny. What it shock your ass. Now listen tomorrow. The Picture and Gel. He has his arm around judge. A good man. He's a good man. He's lawn revision. We'll put him in charge of the the the. I don't know the national forest. Whatever yeah all right. Let's so savannah if people want to come out. The Gate Lake getting close right. We don't know exactly win but it's getting close. We have another meeting today with the Task Force. I don't 'cause my but my boss does and then we should know something on Thursday so feared company to open on Saturday. And it'll be super great and outside and would you be. It's actually see tourist again and to be able to show people everything you've been doing. Are you excited? Sided contain it. All right all right. Thank you so much we come back. It's time for Monster Sports in Angel. You're listening to the mantra the morning.

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