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Ninety five all running without delay Ian Crawford WTOP traffic storm team four dragons marries a fog out there that could last right on through the morning commute so heads up for that as you make your way out about on your Wednesday morning the other thing to think about later on could be some chance of showers maybe some strong thunderstorms most likely coming though around eight nine ten o'clock on Wednesday night so with that we're talking about the the potential for some strong potentially damaging winds upwards of forty to fifty miles per hour that's up there will be tracking for you behind that system were on the mild side for Wednesday highs in the fifties Thursday and Friday there were only in the forties and we get rather windy during the day on Thursday with winds gusting upwards of twenty thirty even forty miles per hour Friday winds gusting twenty to thirty miles per hour and still quite chilly for the weekend highs in the upper thirties to around forty degrees so yeah you're ready mother nature bring us chilled X. U. days I'm struggling for chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer forty seven degrees you're waking up to this early Wednesday morning three AM our February twenty sixth here it is forty seven and Leesburg fifty in Manassas as well in Culpeper this morning forty six in Hagerstown fifty in Fredericksburg Virginia forty seven Frederick Maryland word fifty outside the WTO P. studios in our nation's capital welcome in this early hour graduate this year WTOP severe weather strikes keep it right here your twenty four seven weather source WTOP WTOP dot com renters in Montgomery County have a really cool reason to smile this morning a bill requiring landlords to provide air conditioning was unanimously approved by the county council this week landlords must install AC for use between June first and September thirtieth councilman Tom Hucker sponsoring the bill we're we're not only concerned about the cost of a window unit which isn't that much but it's the more expensive electric upgrades that may be necessary in some of our older rental properties landlords.

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