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Jersey town are Samantha Lehman With that story, 10 10 Win Jackie Weather Still the chance for rain today, the high 62 This's Joan Doniger at Bloomberg shiny new iPhones from Apple. Was there a Snake Peak and Wall Street peeking at an economy that doesn't look so shiny. The Dow Down 133 the NASDAQ Up 20 Quinn's news time, 12 41. Let's get traffic and transit. Here's Greg Rice to the Bronx North New England Thruway Getting up toward Pelham Parkway. There's a crash knocking Got at least one lane at this hour. You gotta stand still right on back towards the exit from the Throgs Neck Bridge heading for the New England Thruway. What do you do instead? Well, if you are not in a truck, you go to the North Matahachi and you do a whole lot better Cross Bronx west of the Bronx flow from the shared into the George and That's the worst of it getting out of town. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels inbound upper level a few extra minutes because of earlier police activity, inbound lower with construction under the apartments that accident that's an extra 10 minutes or so, but everything aside from the cross Bronx pretty good, too. The outbound, George Lincoln and Holland they're in pretty good shape, City bound Queensboro, upper and lower levels have their issues. Midtown tunnel. You certainly got your money's worth today, Brooklyn bound Brooklyn Bridge because of left lane work. It is a crawl away across the span battery Total Brooklyn bound of it bunched up as well. So the Williamsburg the best of it out of lower Manhattan. Westbound, bi curious. Stan stole from Queens Boulevard to the Williamsburg because of roving repair work, knocking out the two left lanes. I'm Greg Rice on 10 10 wins the confirmation hearings for Trump Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrett in Day two today, Let's get the very latest live from our Al Jones..

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