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Round pick Alec pierce out of Cincinnati is 6 three 220 pounds. And moale cocks their tight end at 6 5 two 75. And when I think of that as a quarterback, all I think about is ball placement. I just need to make sure that I've got ball placement that at least gives them a chance and throw that catchable type of almost, listen, they're not Julio, but almost too similar to what he had Julio in Atlanta. We're pivoting that catch radius on him as huge. If you're Matt Ryan, how comfortable I don't care who you are. Matt Ryan, throwing that ball to him, how comfortable you throw in and knowing that if he's got a back around him, he's got that huge radius that just get it close. Just throw to a spot away from throw it away from the background. That's one thing that was tricky about playing backers. You might have great coverage, but a better ball beats coverage every time. And with those big, long athletic guys man, if you're Matt Ryan, you got a great run game. They're really good. Similar to what he had in Atlanta, the MVP season. Yeah, and he can hand the ball off 25 times a game and be good, or if they need him to throw the ball 40 times a game. He's got those guys you mentioned. Yeah. To get it to an easy way. Frank Wright just wants him sorry. Just wants him to make the throws when it's necessary. And in big moments, to me, that was a thing. I mean, if you look at the numbers last year, that was when Carson Wentz really failed. He wasn't terrible for portions of the season. It was really wouldn't matter. All right, we got a lot more coming your way here on NFL live. But the ravens, not drafting a receiver, Raymond spans might feel worried about their offenses firepower, but our own quarterback says this mountain thinking of Lamar's MVP season. Dan is going to explain next. We'll be right back. Hi, this is Brian windhurst. Twice a week on my podcast that he collected. I have conversations about the NBA's top storylines, but the league's preeminent analysts and plugged in insiders from encore analysis all star and postseason awards ballots, the latest trade owners we cover it all. We can find the hoop collective wherever you get your podcasts, but it's also now available on ESPN's YouTube channel. We're so excited about this. There will be a special Monday Night Football double header in week two this season and earlier today on Good Morning America are Joe buck and Troy Aikman announced that there will be two games on Monday night September 19th, first the Titans traveling to buffalo to play the bills at 7 15 on ESPN, then at 8 30 on ABC. It's the Vikings at eagles two games and over four hours of football on one night on two of our networks. A lot of changes on all four of those teams. So which new player are you most looking forward to seeing on Monday Night Football, Dan? You first. Trey lon burch, for the Tennessee Titans. You know, obviously replacing AJ Brown, this is a guy that averaged 16 yards per touch essentially or catching the SEC, and he was using the multiple multitude of ways to get him the ball quickly on some of the cross the line of scrimmage stuff. One on one just really giving him an opportunity type throat is Tennessee deploy him in that aspect. How many different ways can they find opportunities to get him the football? Especially early on in this game to really set a tone for this Monday Night Football game. I'm looking at Dan, the Philadelphia Eagles new, wide receiver. AJ Brown, they went out and drafted and acquired. We saw what Terrell Owens once did for the eagles offense and there are people who believe that AJ Brown can have a similar effect in Philadelphia on the eagles offense this year opens up everything. Gives more opportunities to devote to Smith helps the running game which was already very struck and helps the quarterback Jalen hurts. AJ Brown, the man to watch in week two against the Minnesota Vikings. All right, I'm gonna go to Kobe dean linebacker at a Georgia plan for the Philadelphia Eagles. He's gonna get knocked for his size. He's a little bit shorter, short limbed guy, but most natural feel out of all the linebackers in the draft class this year can get to the ball can scrape and run sideline the sideline. Really good shake in between to escape from blockers, but I think the thing that helps him the most of the three big guys in front of him, Fletcher Cox, Jay von hargrave, and now Jordan Davis had a Georgia as well. Oh, let me take it from there, Luke. I'm saying, watch out. Kirk Cousins for Jordan Davis, because he is dynamic. And I think he's going to be, I know I love him so much. I think he's going to be really playing with his hair on fire out there trying to prove something. You saw the eagles go and get him I absolutely love the pick. A reminder too guys that there's Monday Night Football week one as well and on Thursday we will find the entire schedule out and we will have a schedule release show on ESPN2 at 8 p.m.. Can not wait to see one of Monday Night Football as well as the rest of the season on some other rookies guys. The chiefs and ravens holding their rookie mini camps today, both teams bolstering their defenses in the draft and taking some past catchers as well as you look at the rookies out there. It's so fun to see these guys finally in their NFL uniforms. The chiefs and ravens had two of the best draft classes this year based on pre draft rankings, they were two of the 14 to draft three players who were in the top 40 overall of scouting's final rankings, KC took Trent mcduffie, George Carr Loftus, and sky Moore with their first three picks and the ravens have Kyle Hamilton, Tyler linderbaum, and David ojabo. They got some great value out of those pics, especially two knowing that they don't need a Jabba right away. He would have been a much higher pick earlier on, had he not gotten injured. Okay, so the ravens had a stellar draft. They're still thin at the wide receiver position, though, with Hollywood Brown being traded away on night one. What does this offense for Lamar Jackson look like? I think two different ways. Number one, run game wise, I think they go back to a little bit of their zone scheme, which is that kind of we're working to an area rather than in the past year or two they did more gaps that more pulling people. And then pass game wise, getting Lamar back to throwing in between the numbers. That says 2019 MVPs MVPs and use unbelievable. QBR third in the league and then we've seen this kind of decline in performance wise with him throwing to the middle of the field and that's because stupid media members not me. I don't know if he's doing it. We got to get the ball. We got to throw the ball inside, and we got to throw the ball inside more. And they listened. And that's just not who they are. And I get that that's what we like the most. That's what we've seen the most be successful pass game wise in the league, but this is what this offense does the best. And by the way, they did it really well. So I said this for the past few weeks. We're going to see those multi two multiple tight ends get on the field. We're going to see the zone run game and a little bit more of the horizontal stretch. And I want to see Lamar and I expect them to get back to work in the middle of the field in their past game and dominating with their tight ends. I think you NATO with the two tight ends. You know, you look at who they have, Mark Andrews, obviously. One of the best. And then they went and got a guy this year Charlie Charlie Kohler at an Iowa state 6 6 and a half long. The middle of the field for these guys is going to be where they make all their money and the ravens honestly right now remind me a lot of us in 2015. We didn't have a true number one wide receiver, but we had a true number one tight end that basically was our number one wide receiver and Greg Olsen. He dominated the middle of the field outside the numbers. You could kind of put him wherever you want. So they might not necessarily have the true number one that most people think, but they have a tight end in Mark Andrews that can do that. And you pair them with Charlie Kohler and then when those two running bass come back from the torn ACL is I think they're going to be able to run the ball and attack the middle of the field. I think they'll be in great shape. Wait, just remind everyone what happened in 2015 with that team just in case people didn't know. That was that was when Julio Jones moss me were all laughing to bring it back. We were 15 and one that year. Amazing. And cam won the MVP not to dissimilar from Lamar when he came to that season, right? Yeah. Oh, you're great. But if you think about this style of offense, right? We just saw the rams with that firepower and those big time receivers. Can this style of offense that you guys are talking about here? Can that win a Super Bowl? Because that's what the ravens are looking at here. So I think it can because the quarterback is such a special talent. And the scheme is so unique. There's a fine line though, right? Like I get it where people say, there's no way that this offense can get through the juggernaut through the gauntlet of the AFC and win a Super Bowl. And that's fair. And there's no way this offense.

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