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As firefighters took a defensive approach from down below and up above on ladders burn for quite a while before. Somebody driving by saw the flames and smoke. We're told that no one was inside when this broke out, and thankfully, no firefighters were injured in all nearly 40 were called out along with a dozen trucks until we get inside. We won't have a better understanding of what Was inside the occupants of the cause, and origin is always challenging them or destruction that there is and the place to get some excavators out here to sort through some of that debris and investigator has yet to get inside because of how much damage there is. Almost call Miller. Could this be the year Gonzaga's men's basketball wins its first national championship Come was built Sports tells us about a zag fan expressing his support in a new music video. They're undefeated number one in America and the inspiration for Gonzaga alum Cohen Jenkins. Everybody now knows is Marc Norman. Few His hip hop R and B wrap parody Marc Norman few getting thousands of views on YouTube, Jenkins tells Krem TV and Spokane He actually started the homage to coach Mark few and Spokane's favorite college program. Three years ago. I actually wrote this song in 2018 for the Brandon Clark Really Hachi Murray team. We had a TV show my senior year that I kind of wrote this for, but Was like this is kind of dumb, and it's going to take too much work. And so I didn't bother doing it. When I was at Gonzaga, My name is Mark Norman Few, and as you can clearly, see, everybody calls me Daddy and the WCC. With more free time on his hands. Cohen decided it was time to dig up his masterpiece. Tweak a few lines and roll the camcorder and I was like, Wow, I'm like His team's real like this is an MBA team on a college court. From then I was kind of thinking like maybe I should bring this out and add to the zeitgeist of Gonzaga basketball in the Inland Northwest come up to be a coaching great one of the best. Lin Manuel Miranda's Broadway musical Hamilton to come 11 Tony Awards, including Best musical and the Pulitzer Prize. Doubtful. The Mark Norman few video will garner such lofty honors. If the Venn diagram between like Jalen Suggs and Lin Manuel Miranda, like I don't know if that middle spot is like that big, but this loyal zag fan would settle for his beloved Bulldogs, bringing home the NC double a trophy from Indy in March. Think we can stop rape class L A bridge Slenderman Bill Swartz. Mark Gorman to come out is what a great feature Thank you. Bill Coleman, whose time is 4 40 from the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. Dave Lewis has more of our sports news. And the MBA. It's the end of the Utah Jazz 11 game winning streak falling to Denver on the road, 1 28 to 1 17 Nicole Jochen. She had 33 of his 47 points in the opening half women's college basketball. The Huskies lost number 16 for 74 to 48. Washington minus three starters ended up with 35% shooting. Hailey Van Dyke, 14 and laws Man's basketball Coming up at the top of the hour from Seattle, It's Washington and Washington State. PG A farmer's insurance opening Torrey Pines, Patrick Reid recorded a five stroke win with the final round of 68.

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