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Hot gos- margaret fox and john fox had children in the beginning. They had their four children. One passed away. They had leah. Elizabeth maria and david and then they separated for a bit john john god little squirrelly and he had a issues with alcohol so margaret was like peace out dude and she moved in with her sister and and then they came back together john how to coming to jesus moment and he came. They came back together and had margaret. And catherine or kate so maggie keeton. Wow so they were the two little ones. There's about twenty years difference between maggie. And and that's why so. These men put the sisters on. They had a stand on tables and a examined their bodies And their clothes and between their skirts and they tied courts to their wrists and ankles and pulled and they examined their feet and their hands and their faces and it they were. I think they intentionally tried to make these girls uncomfortable. Sounds like it. Yeah and they had. It was a series of tests over three days and they re Re they changed the committee each time while the next day they were taken to a room by because at first the men were absolutely gonna have them strip and they were going to search them and i day yeah. They became distressed. And we're like no so. Then they had women a group of women take them into a room and have them undressed and they check their bodies and their clothes and the girls were so upset. They were visibly shaken and they started to cry. They actually started christ so loud. The that Amy post fucking bad ass. Quaker who basically stands up for people Amy posts like my new hero. She barged into the room and was like. Oh fuck no get goals. Yeah get your hands off. These girls leave this room and she helped the girls get dressed and she's like this has gone too far. Nudity back then was so. I mean that was traumatizing for yes and they were even talking about how even the men examining their ankles and feet was like yes because it that no that'd be like now if a guy's like just let me see one nip. Let me see your tain like just let me see your butthole like real quick. I mean the anc the butthole of the lake..

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